Last Saturday saw the end to the greatest beginning in NBA (and some have argued all sports) history.

Nikon Advertising campaign

The Golden State Warriors won their first 24 games of the season. While there are stats that exist around this that could lead to the early stages of going cross-eyed, this blog is not about that. Today’s blog is the second to talk about Stephen Curry, the captain of the Warriors, and an all around incredibly good human being.

Stephen Curry photographed by advertising photographer Blair Bunting

I have been lucky to work with Stephen on multiple occasions and there is not the slightest hint of ego in his demeanor. Of all the celebrities I’ve photographed, he is the one that would want nothing more than to sneak into the studio and blend in with the rest of the crew. Somewhat shy, but quite strong on camera, Curry seems to be in a complete surprise about even his own success.

Stephen Curry

There will always be those players that people want to win, not just because of their skill, but because their class… for me, that player is Stephen Curry.

Congrats man!