As I mentioned a few months back, I am honored to have been selected for Archive’s 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide. Today, the book is on the shelves in bookstores that still exist, so go check it out. Thank you to the team of people that made the photoshoot happen and to Archive for the recognition. Here is the photo that was chosen for the book.

River Monsters

I recently was able to swing by Discovery’s (the client for this shoot) offices in Maryland for the first time. While my schedule only allowed me a few minutes to walk around, there was one wall that made it all worth it…


Seeing my images used in ads is always fun, but for some reason this one took me back more than most. I don’t know if it was because of the many years and shoots I have had with Discovery, or the over respect I have for them as a company and what they are doing for education. Their lobby is like a small museum complete with dinosaur fossils and their offices are pure enthusiasm for their shows. Great people and a great honor…. Thank you.