IPhone 4s: week 1

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I have been in search of the camera that I can always have on me.  A camera that I don’t mind taking to the beach or to the mall alike. No matter how point and shooty the current point and shoot cameras get they are still the unwelcome visitors in, well.. my pants (I know I am going to catch hell for that line).  With this in mind, I bought the iPhone 4s

This is single handedly the best thing I have done for my photography in years.  I truly love this art again.  I’m am taking stupid pictures again, be it pics of flowers or clouds, they are pics that have zero professional application.  It is relaxing and definitive, it isn’t work, it is art.

photographed by Blair Bunting

photographed by Blair Bunting

photographed by Blair Bunting

photographed by Blair Bunting

photographed by Blair Bunting

And yes, I had a case made just for the obligatory mirror shots…

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  1. November 2, 2011 | Reply
    Patti Zebchuck says:

    I could not echo your thoughts more … while lamenting about my Blackberry I explained to a friend that I want the BB for the bbm and and the iphone 4s for the camera, the apps and now the 1080p video … I was asked why I don’t just get a small point and shoot … they just don’t get it!! Clearly you do! Very pumped for you! Enjoy… I hope to be doing the same soon. Another benefit of the iphone … Instagram!!!
    Have fun …

  2. November 10, 2011 | Reply
    Rhys says:

    Love it, Blair. And couldn’t agree more. When I got my iPhone 4, I felt the same way. I started falling in love with just making photos because I love it, and no other reason. If the iPhone 4s is as vast an improvement over the 4 as you say (and as vast an improvement the 4 was over the 3G and 3Gs) then I cannot wait.

    Shooting with my iPhone 4 has also allowed me to do a lot more street portraiture. People just think you’re playing games on your phone, and it’s allowed me to capture more candid shots unbeknownst to anyone but me.

    Love my iPhone camera!


  3. April 5, 2012 | Reply
    Scott says:

    I bought my 4s back in November and it re-kindled a love I had almost given up on. The apps on the phone let me process and upload an image to a social network in under a minute. I’m glad to hear it had the same effect for you.

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