Congratulations King Felix

Originally I wasn’t going to blog about the ad campaign I shot of Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners. ┬áThe shots were good, but the shoot was overall pretty straight forward…. Photographer, crew and client show up, wait for an hour, then wait for another hour, wait a couple more, athlete shows up and asks how long the shoot should take.

Felix Hernandez 2

However, after turning on ESPN this weekend I have had a change of heart. The reason for this is that King Felix pitched his first perfect game last week, making him one of 23 pitchers to have ever accomplished such a feat. Funny enough, such a performance will most likely secure that I will photograph him again for next year’s campaign, however this time I will bring a book.

Felix Hernandez photographed by Blair Bunting

Congrats King Felix.

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  1. April 9, 2014 | Reply
    Carole Hagen says:

    I have seen a picture of Felix Hernandez that you took.

    . I am from Seattle Wash. and watch him every year. In fact , we bought a house in

    Arizona to go to spring training. You have taken a picture of Felix . ( white background

    two poses of Felix ) I would like to buy a copy of that picture. If possible, I would like to

    Hear from you about the poster or picture .

    Sincerely ;
    Carole Hagen

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