Among the many who have looked to the sky at night and wondered what if, there are few greater men than Neil Armstrong.

As a kid, and still to this day, I have looked at the moon on early summer days when it graces the horizon and can be seen in all its glory and detail and squinted to see if I could see the rovers we have left up there.  I know this is an impossibility, but that’s the best part… I still look. Many will look back on the life of Armstrong and celebrate who he was, but this will probably always pale in comparison to what he meant. To many he is probably the greatest figure in the viewpoint that everything is possible.

With one step Armstrong did more than many have done in a lifetime… he united the world. With one step, he gave generations motivation to learn, he gave them ambitions, he gave them hope.

One step for mankind. A step that drives mankind to this day be it to follow or be it to lead. One foot print in a dusty foreign landmass is to me and many others a celebration of an achievement that encompasses all that is the spirit of humanity.

Godspeed Neil