As many of you know, I am obsessed with lighting.  Whether it be people or cars, the idea of forming a subject and telling your audience what you want them to see captivates me. When I was approached by Dave Hobby of Strobist to do an article on lighting, it took little convincing.

For a very long time I have supported the idea of lighting made portable.  A prime example of this being a photoshoot I did recently in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  We were photographing the ads for the new season of Discovery Channel’sThe Deadliest Catch.”  Dutch Harbor is remote to say the least with only one plane that flies in and out (and needless to say it’s a very small plane, incapable of holding a lighting kit with packs and multiple heads).  With that said we used small Nikon SB-900’s (often hand held) and custom made softboxes that I was testing for PhotoFlex.  Things went very well, and everything fit in a medium size backpack, incredible.

It is with this small story that I welcome those from Strobist, a site that helps many photographers to develope a knowledge of lighting in its most minimal form.