I was recently contacted to about contributing to a charity that will be constructing a rehabilitation center for children with amputations or paralysis.  Although I don’t have children (nor want them anytime soon), I do have a soft spot for them and often try to help charities that come to their aid.  Which brings me to the point of today’s post, and my advice to photographers out there.  We are in a time when people are strung thin to get by.  While this is one of the the most trying times in our industry, it is also an opportunity for great compassion.  It should be mentioned that this an opportunity to create (usually carte blanche) an image for a client that will impact more than a bottom line, but rather the lives that dependent on that charity.  I’m not saying that you need give yourself away, but be open to give to those that need.

The following photographs were created for such a photoshoot, and while they may not reside in my portfolio, they will help many more than myself, and for that I am grateful