I respect the man that does his work, not for respect, but for others. True selflessness is a rarity in society and there are many professors that would be glad to wax poetic of absolute altruism being a myth. However, I feel that the true heroes that exist rarely get attention because that is not what they long for.

Such is the case with Mr. Lenny Robinson, who up until today was just known as the guy that got pulled over in a black Lamborghini while wearing a full Batman outfit. I will admit my confusion and slight intrigue into what I thought would make for a funny story on set. However, the reality of the situation turned out to be a story I will tell on set, at home, and to anyone willing to listen.

You see, Mr. Robinson is a true man, a true compliment to the word man and every bit the man I aspire to be.  It turns out that he spends his days dressed as the Caped Crusader going around to children’s hospitals, inspiring the children that there are true heroes and that they themselves are superheroes in their own right.

The irony of this all is that in doing so, Mr. Robinson has become a hero to people like me. He found a worthy cause and selflessly gives his life to it with the hope of never getting anything in return. A world that needed a hero has just found one.

Please go over to Jalopnik, and have a read of the full story, it will make your day.

And to Mr. Robinson….. Thank you