I want to start by saying thank you to those that have emailed myself as well as ASU regarding the lead off photo on my site featuring a wrestler with one leg.  In an effort to make all of our lives easier, I figured a post regarding this image was necessary.

The man in the image is Anthony Robles, an ASU wrestler that has had but one leg since birth.  Now many might think, “a wrestler?!?!?!  probably just does the practices.”  This could not be further from the truth as I am proud to say that just recently he won the Pac-10 championship in the 125 pound category.

The idea behind the photo was one of power, yet not overly aggressive, think of it as derived by pride.  I wanted the viewer to see his face, body and then find the discovery of only one leg.  On set it was quite easy to accomplish this as Anthony was very easy to work with, and quite a cool person I must say.  He had already a slew of victories under his belt at the time of the photoshoot, yet remained humble about his ability and those he defeated.

Photoshoots this easy make our job more of a social life than profession, and for that I am grateful.

Congrats Anthony