As promised a few weeks back, I wanted to help make this month one to raise awareness and support for mental health. Whether it be through conversations or general education, my hope is that we will all grow together this month. A while ago I posted a blog about a podcast that I am addicted to, it is what I have on while I am relaxing on a plane and it is also the podcast that accidentally made it’s way onto the playlist while I was photographing Bret Michaels naked… yes, that was extremely awkward.

Back to the conversation at hand, Movember, mental health and Stuff You Should Know. Below are some of the shows in which Josh and Chuck have covered different type of mental disorders, everything from bipolar disorder to post traumatic stress disorder. Beyond giving you plenty of cocktail party fun facts, the shows may indeed help you do your job better.

As photographers, we will come across many people from many walks of life, and there is a good chance that you will meet someone that has one of these. For example, I have spent much time with military men and women, all great people, and some have indeed been affected by PTSD. I took it upon myself to try and learn about it in an effort to understand more of where they are coming from, because, like all mental disorders, it wasn’t their choice to have it.

So get out the iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry, Zune (who am I kidding, no one has a Zune) and have a listen.

– How Panic Attacks Works

– How Bipolar Disorder Works

– How Dissociative Identity Disorder Works

How Schizophrenia Works

– How OCD Works

Here’s to a safe holiday for you and your families. Put down the phones and cameras alike and have a good conversation over a nice glass of wine, scotch or water. See you all in December, when I can talk about some crazy projects we have been working on…

– Cheers