Catchy title, huh? In all reality I figured I would have a laugh at what kind of traffic makes its way here, no clue of the overall demographic, but positive they are caffeinated.

Speaking of caffeinated, I have found the ultimate wakeup when you have to do a pre production call on a seven hour time difference… Coffee and Dubstep.  Two days in a row with a 4 am phone call and I have been awake, alert and (once the call was over) able to clean the house while carrying on a complete conversation with the couch. It has to be said that the balance of being a professional photographer is anything but predictable. Espresso starts the cognitive function on most days, and red wine is the only thing that shuts down the mind enough to think.

Often, I find myself looking back on what it was to create before the tough schedule became a norm. What was it to get up and walk out of the house leisurely and return to plan the next day? Want a twisted aspect of this career?…. One of the places where I relax the most is in a damn airport terminal, ugh. Those of you who play this game know that there is nothing like finding an unused gate to sit at and stare mindlessly out a window as planes take away screaming kids and those that have drank enough to numb them of their cries.

As the saying goes, “life is about the experiences.” Sometimes those experiences are the surreal beauty of nature or the mind bending accomplishments of man. However, sometimes they are an elderly woman sitting at your table in the airport pub, ordering a bowl of soup and knitting, the whole time staring at you and not saying a word… yep it happened last week.

So how about some random photos?

Here is friend, fellow Nikon Ambassador and all around cool guy Joe McNally rocking a camera bag with more colors than use…

Joe McNally

The photo of my dogs that I keep on my phone. If you have seen a video of me on set and looking at my phone and smiling, this is most likely what I was looking at:



Me in a Sriracha shirt pointing to a license plate with my name on it

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

And last but not least… the bottle of wine that led to this blog