With the demands of this job calling on one to travel as much as I do, having an app that can make sitting on a plane enjoyable is priceless. As much as I want to say that I am working on every flight and that I can be productive while sitting next to some lady that doesn’t fly much and feels the need to tell me how to make a good cobbler, I can’t.

Often I take the opportunity to attempt to zone out of life completely. Be it through podcasts, catching up on shows or playing games. Today’s blog is about the latter, a game called Plague Inc. on iOS and Android. It is mindless and monotonous, and centers around eradicating humanity by creating a plague. Twisted, yes, but while I sitting on a flight full of super flu carrying kids that stick random toys in there mouth and then put said toy on the tray in an effort to spread whatever sore throat or fever they have, it is nice to see what their efforts are contributing to.

Plague Inc

While I’m on the subject of the kids on a plane (much scarier than Snakes on a Plane, and not as funny), when can we have adults only plane flights? I’m not talking skeevy flights with the stewardesses dressing like nurses or school girls, but flights where people wash their hands and don’t cry on take off, landing and all the time in-between. As much as I would love to have chairs with massage functions built into them, I would equally like to not have the five year old behind me take out his angst against mommy by kicking the back of my seat.

On Bb Air, we would still be paying $10 for the alcohol, however the bottles would be bigger than the thimbles that they currently serve them in. Also, pets would not fly below the plane… I will be booking out the row so that I can sit next to my German Shepards, who actually have better hygiene than the kid that caused me to write this. Oh, and did you know that you can actually fly on a plane with a freakin pony? Seriously, go check it out, I’ll wait. Imagine how many “bad turbulence” stories you can trump with, “the person next to me had a horse.”

Oh, and go get the game.