Hard to believe that it has been a year since I was sitting at Newark trying to fly out before what I thought was a media hyped storm was to hit. Of course I am talking about Hurricane Sandy, and damn was I wrong about the impact it would have.

At the time I was in town to speak for CreativeLive and LowePro and see the spectacle that is PhotoPlus. It was a whirlwind in and out trip because of a production I was doing on the west coast. That being said, I fear this year’s trip will be even shorter. Being the camera tech nerd that I am, I wish I could spend the days walking the trade show floor trying out all the new gear being announced. However, in all reality I am flying in for a single dinner and cocktail party then flying back out.

To the emerging photographers that read my blog, please don’t let my inability to spend much time at the show convey my opinion of its importance. The truth is, trade shows like PhotoPlus, WPPI, Photokina, etc. are the life of the industry (technologically speaking). They are where photographers can truly give feedback to the makers and learn how to fully utilize their equipment. Having had the great fortune to speak at them for the likes of Nikon and LowePro, I have seen first hand how much they value conversations with photographers at the show. So if you are in NY next week, go check out PhotoPlus, even if just for an afternoon. Heck, tweet me, and if by some chance I am at the show, I will walk you around myself.