Whole lot to catch up on…. well at least a few years worth of random photos that have no place to call home.  Over the next x months (x being a sign that my schedule let’s me plan life on a day by day basis) I will be uploading photos as much a possible.  Some with stories, some without, some that will make people unsubscribe to this blog, others that will make you want to unsubscribe to humanity.  Needless to say I am really confident that this blog will someday be a place where people can waste alot of time, leading to reprimands from their bosses (those who have a job), their wives (those that are married), and their ego (photographers).

Portrait 1

Needless to say, enjoy some random pics.  These were taken quite a few years ago at an outside mud volleyball tourney.  It was a windy day to say the least and setting up a studio was far from a well thought out idea.  End result, some great pics….. and over a thousand dollars in Profoto gear destroyed when it was blown over

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