One of the greatest parts of being in advertising is being able to celebrate the accomplishments of those whom I have had the good fortune of standing next to on set.Today I wanted to give a quick shout out to a friend of mine that brings not just an incredibly creative eye to Phoenix, but also has brought a personality of humility and character that has made those around better, Bob Case.

Leuzer Archive 1

Bob is a talented (and this is a great understatement) illustrator and the CCO of the Lavidge agency in Arizona. He is the guy on a photoshoot that walks around with a book of blank pages and a pencil, and can draw you the exact image he wants. Needless to say, the ability to envision an image that already exists in sketch form makes my life easier on a busy set. Together we have produced photoshoots of celebrities and professional athletes alike for many years, and I can look past the part that Bob went to the wrong college in Arizona (I will always be a Sun Devil).

I recently got word that Leuzer’s Archive has named him as one of the Top 200 Illustrators Worldwide, and I felt congrats was in order. So when I went to congratulate him…. and see if I could trade him a print for an illustration, he introduced me to a project he and another friend created that I felt compelled to mention on the blog.

Leuzer Archive 2

While I am not a card player, I can still appreciate art when I see it, and what Bob and Stewart West (an insanely talented designer) made is creatively inspiring. Over the past two years they have been designing and illustrating the most beautiful deck of cards I have ever seen called The Moirai. It is an illustrative play on life and death. As color fades away into blacks and whites, whats left is an exercise in incredible detail.


Leuzer Archive 4


With as much as I have found myself staring at it, I felt it was only appropriate to mention it in the blog. The deck is currently a Kickstarter project and so if you’re like me and enjoy celebrating when other creatives get to show their true strength, head over to the page and check it out.

Bob, Congrats man, we are very proud of you.


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