One thing that makes a photographer’s life easier is down to Earth subjects.  As many know, this is not always a guarantee with celebrities and professional athletes as their lives tend to be more guarded do to the stature of their image and name.  I consider myself very fortunate to have had so many subjects this year that were easy going, life loving people, and Larry Fitzgerald was no exception.  Recently I was contacted by AT&T to photograph Larry for a campaign which would feature him and a lot of their products (phones, wireless cards, etc.).

Normally one would have a stylist tell the athlete what to wear and how to wear it, however in Fitzgerald’s case it was almost the other way around.  The man has a great sense of fashion and a striking watch collection to boot (something near and dear to my heart).  At one point during the photoshoot we took a break for a lighting change on set and to review some photos with the client.  When we went to resume we found Larry had retired to his dressing room, not to change, but to call his tailor to order a suit he had seen in one of the fashion mags on set.


Many thanks to Larry for one of those photoshoots where you wrap set and don’t even feel like you had to work