So by this time I expected the hoopla over the Bret Michaels’ Billboard cover would have passed and I would be releasing some new material.  However, a week later and the buzz is still here.  The cover received SPD’s “Cover of the Day”, and to Billboard’s and my surprise has sold out, requiring a second to be printed to meet the demand.  Along with the unexpected spike in sales came accusations that the image was all Photoshop and had very little photography.  I have to say that I expected this, and had settled on the “who doesn’t use Photoshop for their cover?” response.  Then last night I get a call from Billboard asking what I thought about running the RAW file.

Many photographers, myself included, would rather pose naked on a cover than have a file run straight out of camera.  However, I take great pride in my lighting and photography abilities, and it was not only my skill on the line but Bret’s physical condition.  So after consulting my agent, the decision to release the RAW was made and approved by Bret.

I gave a brief interview to Billboard this morning, and the article was written and posted with the RAW files, so please feel free to read it and wager in on it.

link to article: Billboard posts RAW File