First let me apologize to those that read this blog and have noticed its absence as of the last couple weeks.  Truth is I have only been mentally there for my photoshoots… if you ask my friends I am sure they will tell you that conversations with me lately rival talking to a small to medium size dog.

Costa Rica  to AZ (for 6 hours)  to Tampa (to photograph for a few days)  to AZ (to photograph for a day)  to San Fransisco (to photograph for a day)  to Las Vegas (for a speaking engagement that I didn’t even make it to (that’s another blog post))  to AZ (to photograph for a day)  to Florida (to photograph for a day)  to AZ (to photograph for a day)

This is what my month has looked like, and overwhelmed fitted in right around the SF portion of the schedule.  Nonetheless, I have had to prioritize work so much that I have not been a good blogger to my readers, a good friend to my friends, a good father to my dog, and a good husband to the most important person in my life.  I am sure that in this all there is a deeper lesson to be learned, but the thinking process required for such enlightenment is just plain missing right now.  In no way should this be taken that I am not grateful to be working, because I deeply am, and have found that I am photographing better than I ever have due to the soul focus on this one aspect of my world.

So the nutshell is that I have been fortunate to create some great new work, meet some great people, and sleep some nights.

My mind and I will return soon…