As some of you may have noticed, I did not post a blog this week.  On Tuesday I received word that my grandfather had passed.  I figured that instead of talking about photography, I would take a minute and talk about him.

Always a man with a funny comment, Grandpa told me his life’s goal was to live to be 100 and be shot by a jealous husband.  Ever the romantic, grandma and him celebrated their 70th (yes, as in seventy..ith) wedding anniversary last year.  When my grandma stroked last January, my grandpa visited her from 7am to 5pm (his bed time) every day until he collapsed about a month ago.

A courageous man, Grandpa fought in World War II as a part of the 104th Timberwolves.  They were a squadron of men that would mostly fight at night pushing into Germany.  During the fighting, he was struck in the face by shrapnel and chose to stay with his men rather than being flown to a military hospital and put in a new unit after recovering.  His men often gave him their soup rations, as eating solid food was not possible for him for quite some time.  A kind gesture of support that was returned on multiple occasions when he went into hostile territory, often in the midst of gunfire, to bring his injured men back to safety.

His dedication to his family and his sacrifice for his friends made the character the man I respected and loved.  This week and in the coming services, I have chosen to celebrate the 91 years that Grandpa was blessed with, rather than be stricken that it is over.

Grandpa was a dedicated husband, a good father, and a courageous soldier.  He will be missed…