So first let me explain the title to this one as it has a bit of historical significance.  When I was in high school, the most unfortunate thing happened…. the movie Blair Witch Project came out in theaters.  Be it high school mentalities or just plain destruction of the word unique, it seemed that there was a kid in every class that wanted to call me Blair Witch.  Sadly I wasn’t even into the goth scene and didn’t much care for the movie either (was there even a plot?).  Come senior year I had a teacher that gave nicknames to his students.  Expecting nothing more than the same fate that so many non-creative kids had afforded me, I was delightfully surprised when the words, “Goodwill Bunting” were spoken.  Now I know that it’s another pop movie title play on words, but it was a nice escape, so here’s a hat tip to you Mr. Riff.

So On with the applicable aspect of the blog….

I was contacted by an ad agency to shoot the campaign for Goodwill.  For those of you that may not be familiar with Goodwill, it is a storefront where people can bring in items they wish to donate and they will then sell the items and donate the money to charities.  It is a foundation that I avidly support and a mission statement that truly is about helping those in need.  It should also be mentioned that when the winter comes around again there is no better place to find an ugly Christmas sweater.

As for the shoot, it was a clean concept simple to shoot and straight forward to produce.  The best part was the honest approach that Goodwill wanted in that every piece of clothing, every accessory (from sports to grilling to cameras) had to be purchased from a Goodwill.  In effect we were showing the different types of people you could find and that you could be with the help of Goodwill.

Goodwill 2

As always these shots would be nothing without the help from those on set, Shawn, Tarah, Paul, Floyd, Loft 19, Park & Co., Rainbow Doughnuts and of course Goodwill, a very sincere thank you.