Still photographers and cinematographers usually exist in different circles, so you can imagine my surprise when I received word that I had been nominated for an Emmy… a cinematographer award.

I was out with a good friend of mine who is a creative director at a local agency. We were enjoying some wine when he said, “so, the Super Bowl commercial was nominated for an Emmy…. scotch????” I want it to be noted that this is the coolest way ever to ask somebody if they would like to have a glass of scotch.

As unbelievable as the nomination for an Academy Award is, the proffer of a nice glass of Glenlivet Archive 21 was all that consumed my attention at the time. Later though, the Emmy was all I could think about, not for the clout, but for how proud I was of all the people that made the commercial happen. In all reality, it should have never existed…. After all, I was a still photographer that had never shot a commercial before, and I was starting out on a Super Bowl spot!!!

So more than anything, I want to thank Pete, Tena, Carolyn, Gary, Nick, Jathan, Paul, Joe, Rob, Dan, Trevor, Andrew and the rest of the great people at LaneTerralever and NBAZ that made this happen.

Sincerely… Thank you.

… Now go have a scotch