Well with vacations wrapped, I am finding that my D3 has a shutter count that has been increasing exponentially lately.  There is something to be said about taking a break from photographing, but I have found that keeping my eye sharp outweighs the rustiness that vacations bring.

Along with a return to normalcy, comes a new portfolio that has been designed and produced by Haynie Design, and is guaranteed to impress.  There are some stops in Arizona that it will make before being shipped around, but rest assured that between my agent, Tim Mitchell, and myself, we will fulfill all book requests (even if it means producing more for cross overs).

So if your agency or publication would like to request the new book (portraits, the automotive book is due in mid September), please email me ( blair@blairbunting.com ) or my agent ( info@t-mitchell.com ) with your address and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

And for you picture of the day… and older one that I photographed when I was 18.  I was walking down the street with my Canon 1D (yes, the original), a 550EX, and ST-E2 when I saw this man with this sign.  I talked with him for a bit almost forgetting about the camera gear I was holding.  As a second thought as I was walking away, I asked if I could take his picture, and…