When this blog is published I will hopefully be sitting on one of Kauai’s beaches with some fruity rum based cocktail in hand, perhaps adorned by the shameless umbrella. This vacation has been a while in the making and was delayed on four occasions in order to shoot some campaigns.  For those of you wondering what camera will accompany me to, what is in my opinion, the most beautiful place on Earth…. the answer is none (well the one on my iPhone, but that goes without saying). One of the most important things I have learned in this career is to make very clear the line that designates work and play. You’d be amazed how much a vacation from shooting will help improve your approach to ad and editorial work, but often too many try and combine the two only to choke their own art.

As the title states, I am grateful to announce that I have had the good fortune of gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Golf issue this month. The shot is one I took of recent Master’s winner Bubba Watson. I am not only thankful to be on the cover, but also pleased at how clean the layout was designed and think that SI has made a beautiful piece with this one. So I would like to say thank you to those that made this one possible, both at SI and on set, as always I am nothing without you and the credit for this cover does not belong to me alone.

Finally, an update…. For those of you that follow this blog regularly, you may notice that nothing was said about the F16 flight I was to take last week. I just wanted to inform that all is well with the situation and that there was a small delay in the Air Force’s and my schedules, but we will be flying after my vacation. In the meantime I will probably resort to watching YouTube videos of reporters getting knocked out on plane rides to remind me what I’m getting myself in to.