OK, let me just say this before I get started… I can’t stand selfless promotion, it bugs me to no end and I have always subscribed to the idea that talent will always shine through. With that said, writing this post somewhat goes against this and for that I truly apologize. It is not now, and will never be, my intent to say I am better than anyone else.

Last week I was notified that I had been chosen for the Lürzer’s Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers. Honored doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this…

As photographers we search for validation that what we have done, what we have created has been important to the eyes of another. It is all too easy to say that I won something, but it sells reality short. The truth is that this achievement was won by my assistants that have spent endless hours carrying gear, my makeup artists that have made perfect skin, my wardrobe stylists that have pinned an outfit perfectly, my retoucher that has composited masterfully, and my producers that have made my life easier to create.

Tonight I will raise my glass to them, and to the other’s that I share this honor with.

Thank you.