This morning’s sun couldn’t be seen through the smoke that has reach us in Scottsdale. It was appropriate. It’s light was present but it’s source hidden, a reminder of the day prior’s events. Born and raised in Arizona, I have been fortunate never to have experienced anything remotely as devastating as the loss of 19 firefighters that we had yesterday. Nineteen heroes gone, today we in Arizona, and I imagine the country, are a bit broken because of the amount of courage that is no longer with us.

As children, we grow up all wanting to be firefighters, the heroes that save us with things go wrong, and the guys that get to ride on the wicked awesome truck that screams by to help when someone’s world is collapsing around them. However, as adults the job has less appeal because frankly, it’s too damn hard, it’s dangerous and takes more courage that most of us can muster. This is one of many reasons that we envy the greatness of firefighters, and mourn their loss. They are the people that look at a situation and say, “how can I save this person’s life, even if it costs me my own?”


I will never be brave enough to be a firefighter, and I envy those that can. They are true heroes amongst men, and deserve every bit of praise they get. I pray for those that ran into the flames yesterday, never to return. Tragic, yes, but inspirational. It proves that our kids are correct… firefighters are the coolest people around.