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The life of an advertising photographer is on par with the metaphorical tightrope walk. It is beyond the balancing act almost to a point of daredevil attribute from the inherent risk. There are many great photographers that gravitate towards different avenues of this medium because, let’s face it, advertising is a very complex dance.


EAS Advertising Campaign photographed by Blair Bunting


The shoot that I am releasing now, and next week, was amongst the more complex that I have done, not due to technical execution, but due the the sheer size and scope of the production. It was done over four days, featured over twenty key talent, shot at six locations and resulted in just under ninety (yeah, 90) selected images… annnd we shot and produced a 15, 30 and 60 second commercial during it all.


EAS Advertising Campaign photographed by Blair Bunting


It is a shoot that was only possible because everyone performed at the top of their game. From the creatives, who were so into the shoot that they learned to fly the drone, to the crews that knew what was needed before ever being asked. The EAS team, not only stood beside us to offer opinions and protein shakes (which I am addicted to), but they themselves took their turn in front of the camera, and a couple even ended up in the final campaign. This was a photoshoot that I will remember fondly.  A giant thank you to all those that made it possible… Nick, John, Michelle, Angie, Eric, Rob, Dan, Trevor, Andrew, Abby, Allison… I couldn’t have done it without you.



Today I am releasing some of the images from the campaign, along with the behind the scenes video from day 1. On Tuesday, I will release more images and another video and dive into the technical (read “gear”) side of things. So enjoy, have a laugh, and I will see you in a couple days, and have a great weekend in the meantime.