Congrats Bubba…. Again

While enjoying my last weekend off for a while, I took some time to relax and watch some golf. While golf isn’t my most photographed sport, I have photographed one player in particular….. Bubba Watson. He was one of those guys on a photoshoot that you have to remind yourself of his accomplishments, because he would never tell you. We talked about video games, cars, and video games again, but never about golf. In all reality I know very little about the sport and if there wasn’t beer carts, would probably never attempt to play. However, I will still take time out to cheer for Bubba as he was just that cool of a person. So in celebration of yet another big win for an insanely humble man, here’s a toast and a pic from the Sports Illustrated cover I shot of Bubba Watson. I know this will definitely not be the last time we see him grace the cover of a magazine, but every one is well deserved. He is a soft-spoken man that lives with a constant state of gratefulness, and he has made the sport better from his sheer presence. Here’s to winning Master’s number two of many….

Congrats Bubba!

Bubba Watson

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  1. Love this portrait of Bubba, nicely done Blair. Very gritty and moody for such a light hearted and humble person. Emits a lot of emotion!

  2. I can’t believe the media is slamming the guy for taking his family to Waffle house. First of all I love that place when traveling and second I don’t know how we all got this far in life without other people telling us how to life OUR lives.

    Blair thanks for confirming what most of us suspect, he is a genuine down to earth guy.

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