Can someone get the Rattlesnake off my back?

Whenever I talk to another photographer the topic of “personal work” always comes up. Usually in the casual form of, “hey, have you shot any personal work lately?”

This standard artistic rendition of the workplace, “how’s the weather” is usually brushed off as soon as the first round of drinks arrives and more enjoyable “which celebrity is a jerk?” conversations quickly replace it. However, for me, it is probably better that my “personal work” remains limited, for doing it usually leeds to bodily harm (or in this case recurring nightmares).

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

You see, I’ve always had a fascination with dangerous animals, be it sharks, snakes, heck if a bird could kill you, I’d probably think it’s cool…. but they can’t and that’s why birds are boring.…

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A Tribute to the Nikkor 24-70 G

With this week’s announcement of the new Nikkor 24-70 VR, I wanted to take a moment to look back on what its predecessor, the 24-70 G, has meant to me.

River Monsters host Jeremy Wade photographed by Blair Bunting

In the last eight years, I have only shot five (YES 5) images with a lens other than the 24-70 G. From the cover of Billboard magazine to the ad campaigns that have been featured in the Communication Arts Photo Annual, Archive’s Top 200 Advertising Photographers and the Graphis Advertising Annual, the 24-70 G has sat, married to the D3x for them all. The very first time I ever spoke for Nikon, I spoke about what the 24-70 G meant to me. If it seems that I am in love with this lens, it is because I am, it is single handedly the greatest lens I have ever used. …

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As many of you know I am a bit of a Stuff You Know Addict. It is the podcast that plays in my headphones whenever I am sitting on a plane, and it is what I listen to when on a road trip to a shoot. Last Thursday was no exception as I headed out to Northern Arizona to shoot a series in a climate that doesn’t melt my camera.

On the docket for the day was one of the more recent podcasts, “How Junk Food Works.” Going into this one, I was expecting to learn the usually statistics and an occasional trivia answer or two (i.e. did you know that Oreo was the knock-off brand of Hydrox?). However, I was captivated early in the conversation with one aspect… how much sugar we take in.…

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Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari

UPDATE: I wanted to post this blog up to the top again not for the promotion of the work, but as a reminder that keep Michael in your thoughts. While there is progress being made, we are very aware of the severity of head injuries as seen in all too early passing of Jules Bianchi. For those that follow F1 and those that don’t, if anything, let it be a reminder to tell those around how much they mean to you.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

For those close to me, you know how much Michael Schumacher’s skiing accent and subsequent critical condition has affect me. He is one of my heroes, and my family are of the many Ferrari tifosi (fans) that have cheered him on through the years.

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Photographs that didn’t make the site part deux

Whole lot to catch up on…. well at least a few years worth of random photos that have no place to call home.  Over the next x months (x being a sign that my schedule let’s me plan life on a day by day basis) I will be uploading photos as much a possible.  Some with stories, some without, some that will make people unsubscribe to this blog, others that will make you want to unsubscribe to humanity.  Needless to say I am really confident that this blog will someday be a place where people can waste alot of time, leading to reprimands from their bosses (those who have a job), their wives (those that are married), and their ego (photographers).…

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Photographs that didn’t make the site

Well as we all know, not everything fits a portfolio for an advertising photographer.  In the aim to deliver a style, some images may veer slightly off target, but still maintain artistic quality.  So with that I bring you some photographs that didn’t make the site.

Advertising Photography photographed by Blair Bunting

The photos below were taken during the hot summer.  I had just flown back home from a photoshoot and was awestruck by how bright the moon was.  While taking out the trash (around midnight) I decided that it was bright enough that I could photograph handheld (especially with the low-light performance of the Nikon D3.  It is with this in mind that I took the 85 f/1.4 D and walked around my house in my robe photographing away…….…

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A Morning with The Honorable

Casually beginning my Monday with a latte and Sunrise Earth on the TV, I received a call from the New York Times in regards to a photoshoot in the coming days.  As I have enjoyed working with them  in the past, I agreed and learned that the photograph would be of the Honorable Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.  In all honesty, I knew who she was, but intricate details of her background had escaped me.  As is common practice on all my photoshoots, I began my research into Justice O’Connor for I barely knew what she looked like for all I had remember of her appearance was from a statue that graced the law school at ASU, which is named after her. …

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Existentialism Found

There is something to be said for escaping life (even if just for a day) and leaving the constant bombardment of reality for the surreal existence that comes into meditation somewhere after white.  Whether it biologically changes someone is beyond me, but the romance in the heart beating slower crosses my mind persistently.


In line with the prior, my wife and I left to what could be God’s gift to the Earth, Kauai. No camera, no computer, no schedule. Each day only had the allotment of 1 hour for pre pro calls, and then the phone was retired.

What I discovered was that I miss a lot trying to take in everything. In an effort to get the most out of life I often neglected the source of my creativity, life itself.…

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24 Hours of Le Mans

This weekend brings with it one of the greatest races of the year… the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Porsche 935 blog

I figured this would also be a nice time to launch a pic that I did of a 1981 Porsche 935 race car that I created as part of an ongoing collection of historic race cars. Self promo aside, I am actually excited to wake up at 2am this weekend to watch the starting flag drop and possibly watch the whole race (although I have still yet to stay awake through the whole race to date).

A number of years ago I had the great privilege to fly out to France on a moment’s notice and shoot a campaign for Chevrolet. While it made from some great images, somehow I woke up in some French guy’s front yard in the middle of France….…

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Even the idea of writing this blog is upsetting, but I guess there is some therapeutic purpose in this all, so here it goes…

Teddy 1

To the outsider, ouldreativity is derived on a hammock strung up at the beach and perhaps a good book to compliment the peaceful reality. However, photography is a journey, it is life, and in this life there will be wonderful highs and heartbreaking lows. Unbeknownst to many, the lows will serve to form character and strength in both imagery and identity along the way. While I would love to write you a blog that was always peaceful, always happy and never upsetting, the very act would be disingenuous. The truth of the matter is that a broad understanding of the human condition is only had in the peaks and troughs of our emotional range.…

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