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When there is Darkness
To say this last week was a rough one is a gigantic understatement, in a fair comparison, rarely does it get harder.
Split Color Lighting
There is a progression that takes place in the journey that is our lighting knowledge.
100 Megapixels : The New Standard
A career in commercial photography is a progression in learning. One that wains when complacency creeps in and thrives when pursuit of knowledge lives at its heart. Having a broad mind in both approach and equipment is the key to clearing your mind to be creative.
Well Done, Ladies
I have made an effort throughout my career to keep politics out of my public life as I do not want to offend those that read my blog and have different views than I. Today I am going to depart from this
Sports : A Study in Motion
For a significant amount of time, we started to see commercial photography offer its hand to motion in a way that was formed with confusion and a broad-spectrum desire to please.
Finally, a proper camera review
There are camera reviews, and then there are camera reviews… today’s blog post is about the latter.
Photography’s new suitor: Microsoft
Apple, we had a good run… Through the many iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, Mac Pros, heck, even the Apple Watch, it was a good run indeed.
TIME inspires Photographers… again
Inspiration in this career is everything. It is worthless to argue that all creative is found within the self when even the most obscure campaign finds its life built of particles of life, art and the world around all assembled subconsciously to create our art.
Project Panic Attack
Some time ago, I wrote a blog eulogizing a friend that passed away suddenly, a friend that I had fallen out of touch with for many years and was never afforded a good bye. I wanted to know my friend more, but that fate was gone, instead I could only know him now by those his life impacted.
W… for all times, W.
There was not a dry eye in the house last night, and I’m sure there were many others like it. Both mine and my wife’s families are from Chicago, which makes us Cubs fans (sorry White Sox).
Top Gun
I feel like there have been way to many times in my life where I have had to ask myself, “how the hell did I get into this situation?” This photoshoot is one of those…
Congrats to a Fellow Creative
One of the greatest parts of being in advertising is being able to celebrate the accomplishments of those whom I have had the good fortune of standing next to on set.
Iconic Race Cars
Race cars have always represented art to me; it is just convenient that they are fast as hell and tear your ears out in the process.