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Is the New Surface Pro for Photographers?
The soul of an image is not always visible in what the viewer sees, but lives in what the photographer experienced.
Worried mornings have turned into worried days, and into worried nights. A week ago today, the world became a little less talented, replaced by a cold void. The cigarette fueled rasp of Chris Cornell’s voice will never grace another crowd again.
A Shot across the Apple bow
My iPad Pro picked a bad day to start having battery life issues… These are exciting times to be a creative, exciting times indeed. For the first time in quite a while there are major companies eyeing our profession and catering products around it again
Larry Fitzgerald
I’m going to break with tradition a bit, for I usually am not one to talk about celebrities that I keep in touch with from photoshoots. Some of this comes out of professional courtesy, and another part of it is that I am a bit of a private person
Photography Competitions: Worth It?
I was sitting in my dorm room at Arizona State University. To my left I had my Xbox on (as it was pretty much 24/7) with some racing game on pause. In front of me I had my future, for I was entering a photography competition
Aaron Hernandez
UPDATE: The news today brought word that Aaron Hernandez has taken one last life, his own. While this will serve justice to some, it only deepens the darkness of an already morose story. Below is the behind the scenes of the time I spent with him on set.
Hasselblad Ambassador
It is a story that starts long ago in my life and an accomplishment that words will fail me to quantify.
Mar 30
Transparency: Mental Health for Creatives
A few months back I was asked to give a speech for Creative Mornings on the topic of transparency. Since the speaker translates the topic, I chose to avoid the obvious film reference and go a completely different direction; you guessed it, mental health.
Mar 22
and then everything changed…
Laying there watching the sky as it changes from crystal blue into the black that shows the stars. There is a point at which one can stare into its depths and watch color fade away into quandary.
Auston Matthews
Photoshoots are never a linear process, but rather a makeshift triage of events that need to happen to ensure that you always get the shot.
BlackBerry KEYone
First and foremost, I hope you are all having a great day. The first two months of 2017 have seen new beginnings and a return to an old love.
When there is Darkness
To say this last week was a rough one is a gigantic understatement, in a fair comparison, rarely does it get harder.
Split Color Lighting
There is a progression that takes place in the journey that is our lighting knowledge.