Days are all that separate us from those sweet sweet screaming cars known to the French as Formule Un.

Michael Schumacher

For me it means waking up at all odd hours of the night, only to watch a race that will most likely lead to my inability to return to bed upon its completion. But it is worth every bit of lost sleep, every nervous foot tap and every lap I walk around my living room waiting for the safety car to dive into the pits.

You see, while I enjoy going to a bar with friends to have a beer and watch a football game, I really don’t have an affinity to the sport. Perhaps it is why I can do my job without distraction.

Be it a football, baseball or basketball player, my conversations are always the same. I don’t ask them about the last game they played, because that is what they expect and will put them into auto-pilot on set. Instead, I ask them all the exact same thing, “what video game are you currently playing?”

I have yet to have an athlete not engage and get excited by this question. It tells them two things:

  1. I am a geek that also still spends way too much time trying to beat Far Cry.
  2. I am not the person that wants an autograph.

Look at that, somehow I was able to turn a blog about Formula 1 into photo advice… I am actually surprised by this as well.

Now in case you were wondering…  No, I have never photographed an F1 driver. I am pretty sure that my conversation with one would go something like, “OMG OMG OMG”…. and faint.

As always, Sempre Ferrari and Keep Fighting Michael.