Today’s blog is more of a life hack… well not really a life hack, but more of a little food for thought… or dogs.

If that first line didn’t lose you, then welcome to the insane world where you are able to follow my chaotic train of thought, I don’t know if that is necessarily a good thing.

Before the meat of this hamburger of a blog, a little background if you will. My wife and I are dog people. We have two pups of our own and talk about how we would like nothing more than to open a dog ranch someday to rescue more. On many occasions (usually on a date night for some reason) we have cancelled or delayed plans because we have seen a loose dog on the way. There is no time limit to how long we will drive around trying to find a dog’s home or sit on the curb waiting for it to find the courage to approach us.


Last month I was at dinner with a good friend when I got a call from my wife. She was panicking as she was on her way to the gym and had just seen a stray dog. Two issues faced her, the first was how to get the dog to approach her to see if it had tags, the second was lifting a 100 pound dog into her little SUV. Fortunately for her the planets aligned that night and I had left overs with me (chicken of all things) and once the pup caught a whiff, he jumped in the car willingly. This event may have robbed me of my chances to enjoy a second helping of my thai chicken, but got us thinking.

After we returned the dog to his owner, we went out and bought bags of dog treats (I think they are Marrow Bones or Snausages) and put them in little plastic bags in our glove boxes. Not a really complex idea, but one that is easy to do. Now, whenever we see a lost dog, we have the bait to get him to the car already, taking away one of the hardest parts of helping someone pup return home after sneaking away.

My apologies if this blog had nothing to do about photography, just wanted to pass along a tip to those that loves dogs like us and want to help them get home safely.