Firstly, let me say Happy New Year and that I hope the holidays treated you and yours well.

While I wanted to title this post “Best of 2012”, a quick look around the interwebs showed that said label had been applied to everything else on Earth! Best power tool of 2012, best rideable toy for ages 3-5 in diverse markets of 2012, and God forbid… Best photo of 2012 (and we all thought regular photo contests were subjective enough…. PDN… :clears throat:).

So with that said, I chose not to label this post with “Best of 2012” for two reasons

  1. The title had been taken
  2. It has nothing to do with 2012

Today I figured I’d talk about something that has been on my mind a lot lately…. scotch. No, I am not one of those who has to consume a bottle every night in order to counteract the stimulant that is keeping me awake. However, I do enjoy a good glass of a single malt while watching the X-Files (Best show of the 1990’s). While I could go on and on about which brands I like better for what occasions, I wanted to bring something a little more unique to today’s blog, enter the artistry of Kacper Hamilton.


In what I could only describe as the Greatest Scotch Glass Ever, he created a masterpiece with his series called “L’Art de la Degustation” (The art of tasting). While it doesn’t relate much to photography, it does relate to the passion it takes to produce true art. Where we (the collective “photographers”) will over analyze lighting, composition, and depth, Mr. Hamilton has taken the same obsessive compulsive attention to detail in his glasswork. And damn, just look at it….


While the set is not for sale, Kacper was kind enough to invite me over for a drink with it the next time I am in London…. however I will fight the good fight to get one of these masterpieces in my house 😉

So to those lucky enough to lift one of these babies to a toast, and the rest of us lifting out ordinary scotch glasses….. Let me offer a toast to 2012, another year in life that none of us deserved, but all were given. Cheers