Terminal E, Gate 18. In a chaise lounge made up of my roller case and an available chair, I await my flight home. The last three days have taught me more about myself than I believe I have taught others about photography. This time the only absent item was the camera, sharp irony considering I was speaking for a camera company. However, even in the absence of my D3X, I have a newfound pride in Nikon. This one is based not of some technical number measuring depths of sensor latitude, but of a very apparent value that often goes unnoticed in a camera purchase. I am talking about the people behind the curtain that make it possible for us to tell our stories, for me, they are the people at Nikon.

Over the last few days I have learned what it is to be a part of a team, and what it’s like to have real pride in my equipment. I can never again say I shoot Nikon, it’s not fair and too topical a comment. With shots and lighting planned around how much the sensor in the D3X can deliver, it is only fair to say that Nikon is truly a part of my image, my images, and will be the future of my imagery. The sensors that lie at the heart of their cameras are the heart of an exposure and in practice have given me the ability to create the images that have marked my style for years. The sharpness of the 24-70 has been equally as important as my eyes in pulling out every last detail a campaign requires.

The request from Nikon for me to speak on their behalf was an honor and a surreal feeling. While on stage, I felt more like someone talking about why they loved their family rather than a photographer talking about a piece of camera equipment.

Twelve years ago today a dad gave his son his very first Nikon, today that kid just spoke for the company.

… a dream realized