I was on set yesterday when I received a phone call from a fellow photographer informing me the Michael Reichmann, founder of Luminous-Landscape.com had died.

To many outside of photography his name is relatively unknown. He was not a famous photographer, but he was someone that lived life with a passion for photography. He was a man that early on saw the internet as a conduit to creating a photo community that embraced education. Throughout my career I have spent hours reading about gear at his website. Many, like myself, use it as a way to choose what cameras and lenses we would need to make the images we admired.

Over the years, The Luminous Landscape saw many great photographers engaging in conversations about everything from lighting to what type of barbecue is best. This community was a family, to which Michael was the kind, soft spoken father.

It was because of an article on his site that I even decided to buy my Nikon D3, and began my love of everything Nikon. The reason I bought it was because I trusted what was said on Michael’s website. It wasn’t one of the more modern websites that will say anything good about a piece of equipment, provided the manufacture purchased advertisement on their site. The Luminous Landscape was a site that embraced knowledge and truth for the sake of making better photographers.

The golden hour is a little less golden today. We will miss you Michael.

Michael Reichmann, photographed by Nick Devlin
Michael Reichmann, photographed by Nick Devlin