A few months back I was asked to give a speech for Creative Mornings on the topic of transparency. Since the speaker translates the topic, I chose to avoid the obvious film reference and go a completely different direction; you guessed it, mental health.

I wanted to be transparent (how bout that tie in???) about something that is often hidden out of fear, shame and many other reasons. The speech focused on how mental health affects the creative industry, from photographers, to illustrators, to creative and art directors alike.

The good people at Creative Mornings filmed it and were nice enough to upload it for you all to watch. For those of you that have struggled with mental health issues, I hope you can watch it and know that you’re not alone. For those of you who just wanted to see what a really nervous Blair looks like when he’s in front of a crowd talking about personal stuff and drinking a lot of champagne, well… you’re also in luck.