This one is less of a photo post and more of an update on where things are with life in general.

I have been very lucky to work as much as I have over the past half year, all while making sure not to take any of the jobs for granted. One thing this industry will teach you is that you never know when your next shoot will be, and if I may add an extension to that idea, it is to always be grateful and humble to have work. The downside to shooting so much is the possibility of burning out, and by burning out I mean not giving everything on set, after all your client deserves more. Recently I took some time away with my wife to Hawaii to not think about work, but rather try and remember who I am when I am not the photographer.


In a sense I needed to return to the ground. My wife, my friends, my family and my photography all deserved a better Blair. A Blair that could care less about press releases, PR and contract negotiations, and was mentally in the room for once instead of thinking about numbers and productions during dinner conversations. I decided that I would not take a computer, and keep my phone turned off. It was a slight nightmare the first day, but I soon found what I was missing from times before photography was my job.


I knew coming home that I had three productions left until my next break, however nothing prepared me for life. The day we landed a family meeting was called, and I learned that one of my family members had been diagnosed with cancer.

Now I have worked on sets the day after my dog died, on days I had the flu, and on days that had seen no sleep the previous night, but nothing has ever hit me like this. The title of the post sums up my involvement with anything surrounding social contact lately. I have stayed away from Twitter, Facebook and this blog, as I have chosen that this matter would remain private. I felt that it was cheating all of you that I try so hard to be completely open with, but family must always come first.

The three campaigns that we shot in the past few weeks all turned out to be incredible as they served as a place for my mind to live, away from the reality. In time I will release the images and I promise they will impress.

I just want to thank the many that have lent an ear to listen and shoulder to cry on and words of support. I am taking the next couple months off to be with my family, but I promise you all that I will return stronger and more grateful than ever for this life.

In the meantime please allow me to end with a saying that a very close friend offered me, though it is vulgar, it has kept my resolve and made me laugh….