As a child, I had it all figured out. I knew what car I would drive, I knew where I would live, and most importantly I knew what I would do for a living… I would be a Ghostbuster. Far be it from me to know that the job didn’t actually exist, I was four years old. You see, I didn’t just like the Ghostbusters, I was obsessed.


A couple Bb fun facts that you can all enjoy a good laugh at:

  • My childhood bed was converted into an Ecto-1
  • I was a Ghostbuster for five consecutive Halloweens… and then I was a lamp because the outfit was dirty
  • I asked my mother on multiple occasions to see if I could have my name legally changed to Egon
  • I won my elementary school’s science fair with my project on Spores, Molds and Fungus
  • I, to this day, own almost every Ghostbusters toy produced including the re-issue Ecto-2
  • My childhood stuffed toy was not a bear, it was a Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man


So with my nerd credentials aside, I wanted to say a couple words on what Harold Ramis meant to me.

He was and will always be Egon, my favorite Ghostbuster, and the guy that made it cool for me to like science at a young age. He also was a character that made it okay for me to not be the cool popular kid, but the quiet one that didn’t always fit in. I think my parents knew this about me when I was young and my mother on multiple occasions made me Egon uniforms to wear around the house on Saturday when I watched the cartoon.

When I watch the movies now, I realize the humor of Egon’s character that I missed as a child, but in no way does that diminish what he and the movies meant to me. I will always be grateful for what Harold Ramis did as Egon and what it meant to my childhood.

Thank you always and you will be missed…. Egon Spangler

Blair Egon
I will always be a Ghostbuster