My passion for watches is probably apparent by the never ending tweets about them or the blog every other week that mentions them, but I am not alone in this world (sadly). Often on set I find the easiest middle ground to talk to a celebrity about is that of watch collecting, and on a recent shoot with Steven Seagal, it was the only common ground that we had.

Of the many celebrity watch collectors out there, a few stand out so much that people watch interviews and look at magazines just to see what they are wearing. One of the people at the top of my horological list is former President Bill Clinton.

It is not uncommon to see him wearing a Panerai or Patek, Breguet or Chorpard, so when he showed up to the Daily Show in a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Navy Seals edition, I thought nothing of it….

Then I noticed something, the watch was dive set at 6 o’ clock (the bezel was rotated to the lume dot being on the bottom). Now every watch guy has worn their watches with the bezel a little offset, and once they check the time, it usually gets re-zeroed.  However, Bill Clinton’s watch was dead at 6, so it was not an accident. In what is one of the coolest shout outs / subliminal messages to watch guys around the world, Clinton sported a timepiece in honor of Seal Team Six.

Mr. Clinton, well played sir, well played.