Bb shoots… Fashion???

Like many, if not all, other photographers, I enjoy the the vast amount of avenues in our medium. Be it photojournalism, table top, macro, etc., I really appreciate what so many other photographers do, and celebrate their successes as much as my own. Unfortunately, I don’t get called to shoot these types of photography, because I haven’t shot them. Let’s be honest, it’s best to stick with someone who has a background in creating an image for the needed situation. But what happens when a client gives you carte blanche on a campaign…. and then asks you to star in it?

LowePro Echelon

This was the case for the LowePro Echelon photoshoot.

So what does a photographer, who is actually quite shy, do when faced with a campaign about himself?…

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Sometimes the phone rings and the conversation that awaits you is not one that you could have ever expected… This was the case for me last May.

LowePro Echelon

On the other end was the marketing director for LowePro. While I have talked with him many times, the conversation that awaited me was quite surreal. He said plane and simple, “we have made you a bag line.”

Now if he would have said that they made me a bag, I would have lost my mind at how cool that was, but a bag line!?!?!?  I think my only response was, “thank you, but I just don’t deserve this.” I feel that things like this, and some other endorsements, are at a constant battle in my mind telling me that I am much cooler than I am.…

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Movember is Near

For all you men and a couple of women I guess, the time to grow that stache is quickly approaching us. Yes, I am talking about Movember.

Last year many of us grew staches and raised money for friends, family members and strangers alike with the goal of raising awareness of men’s health. Whether you are raising money or just talking about the cause, you are helping us as a society move forward. It means a ton to every person that has gone through the battle or may in the future.

I am proud to announce that for the second year in a row I will be captaining the Maurice Lacroix US (Mo’Rice Lacroix to be cheeky) team in our quest to raise awareness and money for men’s health.…

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Bb: LowePro Ambassador

I will admit right now, every time I write a title like this or the Nikon, or Maurice Lacroix ambassador one, I sit back and think…. “you know, people are going to stop asking me to grab a beer with them if I keep this stuff up.”

Please know that, like the other endorsements, it means the world to me to have a company that I know and trust show such support. I can’t say much, but will say this… there are some VERY exciting things that will come out of this relationship. When LowePro approached me about becoming a LoweProfessional, one aspect that was discussed at length was, “how can we use this partnership to help people out?” From raising money for charities to helping educate photographers on how I go about my work, I wanted to make sure it was a contract that helped me give back to the community above all. …

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The ML Tradition: A new class of Retro

I sat at a bar in Las Vegas with Sandro Reginelli, lead designer of Maurice Lacroix. We had just had the watch conversation to end all watch conversations, and decided to celebrate it over a glass of scotch. As is the case with every modern meeting about watches, we immediately started going through watch pics on our phones of timepieces we either owned or admired. One image that he showed stayed with me, and to this day I haven’t been able to source it. The watch was of a very early Panerai that was probably one of the companies’ first. What struck me about the image wasn’t the design or the complication, it was the weathered look that it existed in.

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Bb: Maurice Lacroix Ambassador

I have to admit, after writing the title for this blog, I am still in disbelief. The emotion of it falls somewhere between shaking my head and giggling with excitement.

maurice-lacroix-ambassadorWhen I wrote my first blog piece about my first watch, never did it cross my mind that someday I might be associated with the maker of it. The words were genuine appreciation for the timepiece and level of regard in which I held the brand was authentic. The watch was the Maurice Lacroix Pontos Petite Seconde, and it is and will always be my favorite watch.

Over the years, there have been many additions to my watch collection, as well as many subtractions. There have been great watches that I have owned for only weeks because once removed from the flashy environment of the watch store, they failed to inspire me.…

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Video: An Interview for Movember

Today’s blog is a bit different that the others, mostly because I am in front of the camera on this one.

The background behind the video came from the photoshoot with Adam Garone, the founder and CEO of Movember. In between takes, he and I spent time talking about everything from the cause that is Movember to watches to general mustachery. The client asked if we would be interested in having a conversation in front of the camera and, as should always be the answer to client, we said “yes.”

So if you have a few minutes, watch it, have a laugh at me in front of the camera, go check out and join our team to help fight for men’s health.

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Adam Garone – Mr. Movember

This job has been a door that continually opens to opportunities that I don’t deserve, but will always be grateful for. One such opportunity presented itself when I showed interest in Movember.

I was talking with the marketing team at Maurice Lacroix, and they told me that they were thinking of partnering with Movember this year, and if they did, wondered if I had interest in photographing the CEO of Movember, Adam Garone.


… Now this is a situation that scares me sometimes. You see, Adam is, by all research I had done, a cool guy that down to his core is a damn good person. I often worry about this because photoshoots often show me the real person that is my subject and sometimes they are product of great PR, and not so much character.…

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The Maurice Lacroix Pontos Movember

When Maurice Lacroix asked me to captain their Movember team I was esthetic, after all they make the watch I would wear if I could only wear one. However, they then told me that as a part of their Movember team they were going to give away a watch to the person that raised the most money on my team… suddenly I realized that as team captain I am excluded. ….. But it’s for a good cause, right?

So here is the watch in all her glory:


It is a Maurice Lacroix Pontos S in orange and special editioned with the Movember logo and limited number on the side (our’s is 7 of 11). I could go on and on about how many moving parts it has inside and what functions it has, but just look at this thing….…

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Matt Forte of Da Bears

First of all, Happy Halloween! Go out and have a good ole time dressed as a naughty nurse, naughty secretary, naughty doctor, naughty librarian, naughty paleoclimatologist, naughty executive assistant, yadda yadda yadda (a naughty yadda that is). But be safe.

For those who have not joined my Movember team, GET ON IT ALREADY!  For those already on my team and growing the mo, tomorrow is Shave the Date, so get your best razor out and start clean. Also, it would be a good idea to take your significant other on a date before than mustache gets too big and she starts recommending that you cook at home a little more often.

A random blog? Yes.

Matt Forte

So periodically I get photos of my work on display that friends send over, and for that I am grateful.…

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