Robles Wins at the ESPY’s

A quick update on Anthony Robles.  As some of you may have seen, last night Anthony Robles won the Jimmy V. award for Perseverance, along with best male athlete with a disability for 2011.  Proud does not begin to describe how I feel about him.  To those that read the original blog, you may remember he is a soft spoken, humble athlete that is the person we all dream would win, and once again last night, he did.

Congratulations Anthony….. again


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Blair Bunting Photographs Bud Selig for ESPN Magazine

If the title is confusing, then you can understand my demeanor on set for this photoshoot.

ESPN recently contacted me to do a photo of Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball.  A man of much importance, I would not have much time with him, but would be able to pre-light a set, so wasn’t all that worried.  Now normally I try and immediately get on the same ground as my subject, as this profession is actually a team sport, though many view it as a one man show. What makes photographer strong is not just his lighting or composition, but his relationship to the subject.  Sure you could go an piss off a celebrity and get the great “angry” photo, but all you will end up doing is destroying any trust you will have on your next photo (if you get one), not to mention making the next photographer’s life miserable since the celeb will still have a bad taste in their mouth.…

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Blair Bunting Photographs Blaine Gabbert for ESPN Magazine

As many know, Arizona is a bit on the hot side during the summers.  In the past I have had photoshoots that saw people near passing out on set from the heat alone.  However, during a couple months of the year (including our current month) photographing outside in AZ is an absolute dream.  Seventy degrees, light breeze, and sun, absolutely perfect photographing weather.  So when ESPN called me a few weeks back to photograph quarterback Blaine Gabbert, photographing outside was a must.

Adding to the beautiful weather was the great personality that Blaine has.  An easy going mid-western guy, he and I spent more time talking about fishing than we did photographing.  To say that he is obsessed with this past time is an understatement, as he brought his fishing rods to set and his friend (and fishing partner) Christian Ponder so that they could head to the lake straight from the photoshoot.…

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Congratulations Anthony Robles!!

Wanted to make a quick post today to say congrats to one of the most humble guys I have photographed.  Anthony has been an overnight news sensation after winning the NCAA wrestling championship, and did I mention he has but one leg?

Inspirational in every form of the word, Anthony is well deserving of such an honor.

Again, Congratulations!

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NASCAR dropouts

A little while ago ESPN called and asked me to photograph a story about a NASCAR team that doesn’t race.  The team, Prism Motorsports, merely shows up to the track, does a couple laps and quits.  After they do their required laps, they pack up, and get their check from NASCAR, profiting by minimizing their on track expenses (tires and fuel). Hated by the rest of the teams and fans, when I asked where I could find Prism Motorsports‘ pits, I received the response, “in the parking lot, where they belong.”  The Tennessee gentleman that told me this wasn’t kidding….

So with that, the assignment was to photograph an action shot of a parked car….. in a parking lot…..…

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Video game dreams shattered by the MLB

As all bored youths are, I too was a video gamer from a young age.  Starting with the likes of Mortal Kombat and GoldenEye 007, I moved up the ladder to Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.  So it was on this clout that I based my virtual self image, and would state myself as a competent gamer.  Playing Xbox 360 or Wii in my spare time is rather common, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t stayed up till the early hours of the morning with my assistant trying to achieve pro status in golf on Wii Sports.  After all I am your average 26 year old, that just travels a little more than others.…

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