River Monsters

:   With all the recognition that this image has received lately, between the CA Photo Annual and Archive’s Top 200 Ad Photographers, I figured I would re-share the story that was the River Monster’s shoot   :

Lighting as a thought process is fundamentally easy to apply to schemata, water is not. Sure there are the physics that govern the drops via gravity and pull them back to Earth properly, but the abstract way that this is done is a logistical nightmare when combined with good ole electrons. Sure water makes for dynamic imagery when lit well, but what doesn’t get seen is the grey hair that the photographer grows as a result of the set.

When the call came from Discovery to shoot the ad campaign for their show River Monsters, I was thrilled.…

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1 Photographer – 4 Teeth = The Deadliest Catch

How many photographers have ripped their teeth out for a campaign?

About a year ago, when asked to shoot the Deadliest Catch ad for Discovery, I was told of a campaign of violent, spontaneous portraits.  The concept was images of fishermen captured the moment catastrophe struck.  The shots included giant ropes wrapping around the fishermen (which means death aboard a crab boat), one of a massive wave, and a final image of a large hook crushing in a man’s face.  All of the shots would have to be composited as my insurance is not good enough to crush models with hooks (and neither is my conciseness).  To say that I was excited for this shoot would have been a great understatement, right up there with, “a couple people bought that new iPhone.”

We went ahead and did the shots, and they came out as planned, some near out of camera. …

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Blair Bunting Photographs The Mythbusters for Discovery Channel

In what was the schedule from hell that was February, I returned to San Fransisco to photograph the Mythbusters for a second time.  Like walking through a weird dream, M5 Industries (Mythbuster’s HQ) is filled with props from shows past, from fried crash test dummies, to boats that have been cut in half, to crossbows made from underwear, this place is odd to say the least.  After 5 minutes your immersion in to the MB layer becomes all encompassing and you are numbed to the oddities that surround you.  The line, “hey can you hand me the claymore sword sitting on top of the ejection seat next to the glass pains shattered by the dead chickens?” becomes the norm.

In a month filled with athletic wear campaigns one after another, it was nice to photograph someone my height for a change. …

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Deadliest Catch Ad campaign 2010

Finally, the time has come that I can show the first photo from this years Deadliest Catch campaign. With so much production people behind the scenes, a veritable laundry list of people are due a proper thank you for this photoshoot.


The photoshoot was actually produced in Arizona with a multi-set studio being built, one inside, and one outside.  It was a testament to our nerves of, as we had  about 10 packs and about 15 lights on a subject that saw around 50 buckets of water mixed with milk, detergent and dirt thrown on him repeatedly. Not to mention the 3 wind machines that blasted his face to the point of rawness and ear plugs.

In the end though, it all comes down to the people that helped make it happen.  …

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Your pics for the day

Just thought that I would post some pics for you to enjoy…..  it’s Wednesday, and you deserve it

These were photographed off set during the Deadliest Catch season 3 campaign.  The first two were actually photographed from a moving vehicle, the last once we had parked.  For a size reference, the white spots in the last photo are actually large seagulls.


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Adventures of the G10 in the Aleutian Islands

So the topic sounds grand, but those who have been to the Aleutian chain off Alaska know that the experience can be anything but. With this being my second time photographing the Deadliest Catch for Discovery, I decided that I would try and show the world a little background of good ole Dutch Harbor. It was also at this time that I was able to get a Canon G10 early enough to take with me and test out. Do note: before this adventure I had never used a point and shoot camera, but the idea of a relatively high quality file from a camera I could keep in my jacket pocket when not on set captivated me. Another plus is that when not on set, I usually wear sunglasses, and having to take them off to snap pictures would be a drawback that could have negated the use of a P&S camera altogether.…

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Welcome to all my Strobist friends

As many of you know, I am obsessed with lighting.  Whether it be people or cars, the idea of forming a subject and telling your audience what you want them to see captivates me. When I was approached by Dave Hobby of Strobist to do an article on lighting, it took little convincing.

For a very long time I have supported the idea of lighting made portable.  A prime example of this being a photoshoot I did recently in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  We were photographing the ads for the new season of Discovery Channel’sThe Deadliest Catch.”  Dutch Harbor is remote to say the least with only one plane that flies in and out (and needless to say it’s a very small plane, incapable of holding a lighting kit with packs and multiple heads). …

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