F-22 Raptor Photoshoot

Of the many planes I have been fortunate to see fly, none have confused me more than the F-22 Raptor. From the first time I watched it, to the most recent experience, my mind can’t comprehend what it is watching. Seeing a performance by one make you reconsider what you thought you knew about physics. It is as if the plane is mocking where the spectator’s mind thought it should go. It is for this reason that when given the opportunity to photograph one, I jumped out of my seat and flew directly to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.

F22 Raptor jet photographed by Blair Bunting

Now Raptors are usually a bit hard to get alone for a photoshoot as they are one of the planes that are quite hard to “button up” for a photo. By this I mean they are so loaded with sensitive material that making sure not to show it is not as easy as it is for an F-16. Add to that that there aren’t that many to be photographed and you begin to see why this shoot was a bit harder to put together than most.

Nonetheless, the time came and I flew out to Vegas not sure what awaited me. I didn’t know if I was going to get a couple minutes with the plane and hope for the best or if the lighting would be good enough to shoot. All I knew was that I had a date with a fighter jet and that is all it takes for me to hop on a plane and fly somewhere without even securing a hotel room first.

F22 Raptor jet photographed by Blair Bunting

My crew and I showed up bright and early to Nellis and went first to the Thunderbird’s hanger to catch up with the team and find out where they kept the really stealthy planes. Immediately upon walking out of the hanger to the tarmac we saw an F22 sitting there with ropes all around it and really rough sunlight on it. I thought to myself, “some days are tougher than others.” As I started to discuss with my guys the plan of attack on shooting the plane, a gentleman approached and said, “sir, please follow me, we have your plane over here.”

After walking through a number of doors and hallways, he opened a set of double doors to a huge room, and there it sat, my own personal F-22 Raptor. So many expletives were said by us all in an attempt to describe what it looks like to see such an amazing piece of machinery sitting there prepped to be photographed. The plane was enormous, but looked like pure speed.

F22 Raptor jet photographed by Blair BuntingOur handlers from the Air Force were awesome, and helped us to get the shots we needed while not showing stuff that shouldn’t be shown. I wish I could show you a behind the scenes, but with the sensitivity of the hardware it was just too complicated.

I would like to thank Wolf, Bolt and all the members of the military that helped make this happen.

Thank you

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Meet the Family: Nikon’s Ambassadors

To be honest, I am still going through this career with a somewhat surreal feeling inside that I am walking in another person’s shoes. It’s fun, it’s stressful, but at the end of the day there is nothing I’d rather be doing… other than being a Ghostbuster.

Last week I was in New York to meet with Nikon. It was not just a meeting, but the first “Ambassador Summit,” where those of us honored to call ourselves Ambassadors would gather and meet the rest of the family. I had no idea what to expect, and decided that I should do what I do best…. so I checked into the hotel and immediately went down to the lobby bar.

Nikon Ambassadors

Fight it as much as we can, we photographers are a lot more alike than we think. Proof of this… within 1 hour, every other ambassador with with me at the bar and the stories starting flying over pints of Stella. On many occasions I found myself mentally removing myself from the conversation at hand to step back and admire the talent that I was fortunate to be sitting with. Even more incredible was to be able to stand next to them as brothers and sisters… my Nikon family.

What I wouldn’t give for a video to show you all the shenanigans that went on, or the laughs that were had. However, we put the cameras down and got to know each other beyond our work and accomplishments. This being perhaps the greatest honor of all. Getting to talk to other photographers that I know and respect about our families, hobbies and occasionally photography.

While I’m bummed the entire photo world couldn’t sit next to us and share a beer, I decided to write down notes about each of the ambassadors and share them as a kind of insight to what each of us is like away from the camera. I will go in the order we spoke:

Nikon Ambassadors

Joe McNally – This was actually my first time meeting Joe, and I was a bit hesitant to bug him, as he is often the guy that everyone wants to talk to. Then to my surprise, while heading into dinner, he approached me and introduced himself. It was immediately apparent that this man possess a kindness and humility that we all should aspire to. The night after our speeches (and again at the hotel bar) he was the guy I talked to the most, about life, traveling, and our flights in fighter jets. A good man to the core.

Jerry Ghionis – First thing to know about Jerry is that you should never seat he and I next to each other at dinner. He reminds me very much of two of my best friends, and with the two of us at fine dining establishment, nothing but mischief could be expected. Much of the table was in tears with laughter, while the rest of the table was trying their best to claim no association with the two of us. Not once did we talk photo, and that one of the reasons I think we get along so well.

Corey Rich – The first to join me at the inaugural beer, we share a love of Stella. I don’t think I saw Corey once where he wasn’t smiling. I think I may have disappointed him when I mentioned that the trip to New York was one of the first where I saw snow, or that I have never gone camping. He strikes me as being far more outdoorsy than I am, but is a great guy nonetheless.

Lucas Gilman – Let me start out by saying that I blame Lucas for the cold which I currently have, but I will forgive him for this. Lucas is a very quiet guy that is hilarious when he says something. I could tell that he was taking it all in as well. Personality wise, I think he and I are a lot alike. The last drink I in New York I shared with he and a couple other ambassadors and I found myself wishing I had chatted more with him during the summit.

Ami Vitale – Ami has photographed in some of the most dangerous, life threatening situations on Earth. She has worked amidst gun fire and bombs and the chaos of war. So it is only ironic that we met at Starbucks, while both of us were freaking out about the five minute speeches that we had to give. She is extremely sweet, soft spoken and the only person I’ve ever met that dressed as a panda to do a photoshoot.

Cliff Mautner – Sadly, I didn’t get to talk to Cliff all that much during the summit. However, on a slight funny note, he drove us back to the hotel after a dinner and there wasn’t enough room for all the guys in his Porsche Cayenne, so Corey and I rode in the trunk.

Bill Frakes – A fellow Sun Devil, Bill and I have tried unsuccessfully on many occasions to grab a coffee. He is a man that has many great stories from shoots. The irony is how much we have photographed the same athletes, but couldn’t be more different in our approach to photographing them. He shoots the games, whereas I shoot in the studio. We joked on many occasions about gear. The main one being that I have shot with the same body and lens for nearly seven years, where he shoots some events with fifty (yes, 50) cameras at once.

Dave Black – Dave is another guy I wish I could have talked with more. I enjoy looking at his work, and would have loved to hear the stories behind much of it. I believe he is one of the quite, super intellectual types. One thing to note, we both love Hans Zimmer’s music before shoots.

Robin Layton – OMG is Robin an awesome person. We met a couple years back while we were speaking in Atlanta, both for our first time. She and I are each others cheerleaders and she is a person that I can talk to about anything. She sees things in such a beautiful and artistic way that she even designed a house that was nothing less than stunning.

Sandro – A soft spoken man that is photography in its purest form. What is so cool about him is he absolute love of creating art. He played a video during his speech and I remember thinking to myself, “now that’s what I’m talking about.” I think that he and I are quite similar in our approach towards creating in that we research a ton before ever setting foot in studio.

Moose Peterson – I didn’t get to speak to Moose at all other than a quick handshake. I could tell that he was a man that is passionate about conservation and protecting animals near extinctions. One funny thing that I got from his speech is that he has sat still in a sand hole in the California sun for 12 hours to take a single image of a near extinct marsupial…. now that is dedication.

Dixie Dixon – The fashion heart of our group (proof in that she is wearing heart-shaped sunglasses in the group photo). Dixie is a hard working girl that has gotten comfortable with the speaking aspect of this job that many of us fear. While full of enthusiasm, she can mellow out with the best of em over beer. She played along with Jerry and my humor like a champ. A damn cool girl.

Andrew Hancock – This guy has dedication. We took a taxi together from Long Island to Brooklyn and I was taken back by how much of his life he dedicates to photography. He wants to learn and has a passion for making his craft better. He was one of the few that I got to talk watches with and I can see a cool pairing if we were to shoot a project together.

Tamara Lackey – Tamara possesses vegan powers (a reference to Scott Pilgrim). In all reality though, she could teach you how to make any dish vegan, and from how much she knows, I can imagine it would taste good. She has a huge heart and an extreme love for her family. Just talking to her makes you care about the world around us more.

Bambi Cantrell – I got to sit next to her for the first day of the conference, and wow. She could do nothing and still go down amongst the best wedding photos ever, yet she is still asking questions and trying to learn. During a meeting where we (the ambassadors) were answering a ton of questions, she was taking notes the whole time. She truly cares about helping the Nikon family grow stronger. As I promised… Bambi, thank you for buying me a banana :-)

Ron Magill – OH. MY. GOD. This man is crazy. Do you remember the guy that did the Micro Machine’s commercials that could talk super fast? He is like Ron’s long lost brother. Ron managed to take a crowd that was mostly asleep after my speech and get them pumped up as if they were knocking back Red Bulls the whole time. In all seriousness though, this man will save animals by showing the world how important they are. While there were fun little jokes made about his enthusiasm about animals, we all look at what he is doing to protect many species with huge respect.

This is my Nikon family, incredible people every last one of them. All talented, yet humble and passionate about what they shoot, and what they shoot it with.

I want to say a genuine and heartfelt Thank You to Mike, Mark and the entire Nikon family. You guys give us so much more than we could ever ask for and we will never be able to say thank you enough.

Thank you.

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Formula 1 is upon us…

Days are all that separate us from those sweet sweet screaming cars known to the French as Formule Un.

For me it means waking up at all odd hours of the night, only to watch a race that will most likely lead to my inability to return to bed upon its completion. But it is worth every bit of lost sleep, every nervous foot tap and every lap I walk around my living room waiting for the safety car to dive into the pits.

You see, while I enjoy going to a bar with friends to have a beer and watch a football game, I really don’t have an affinity to the sport. Perhaps it is why I can do my job without distraction.

Michael Schumacher

Be it a football, baseball or basketball player, my conversations are always the same. I don’t ask them about the last game they played, because that is what they expect and will put them into auto-pilot on set. Instead, I ask them all the exact same thing, “what video game are you currently playing?”

I have yet to have an athlete not engage and get excited by this question. It tells them two things:

  1. I am a geek that also still spends way too much time trying to beat Far Cry.
  2. I am not the person that wants an autograph.

Look at that, somehow I was able to turn a blog about Formula 1 into photo advice… I am actually surprised by this as well.

Now in case you were wondering…  No, I have never photographed an F1 driver. I am pretty sure that my conversation with one would go something like, “OMG OMG OMG”…. and faint.

As always, Sempre Ferrari and Keep Fighting Michael.

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Bb shoots… Fashion???

Like many, if not all, other photographers, I enjoy the the vast amount of avenues in our medium. Be it photojournalism, table top, macro, etc., I really appreciate what so many other photographers do, and celebrate their successes as much as my own. Unfortunately, I don’t get called to shoot these types of photography, because I haven’t shot them. Let’s be honest, it’s best to stick with someone who has a background in creating an image for the needed situation. But what happens when a client gives you carte blanche on a campaign…. and then asks you to star in it?

This was the case for the LowePro Echelon photoshoot.

LowePro Echelon

So what does a photographer, who is actually quite shy, do when faced with a campaign about himself? … I hired a model that was much better looking than me. No need for me to create beautiful images only to screw them up with my nerdy face in all the shots. From there I started to really think about what appealed to me for the campaign, at least from a stylistic standpoint. While I could shoot it with all the lights in the world (what I am more commonly known for), I felt this was an opportunity to pay homage to a style of photography I love… fashion. More specifically the hard lit Italian type usually seen in black & white.

LowePro Echelon

I love the simplicity of fashion along with the freedom derived from its philosophy. It is the essence of expression’s hand being lent completely to art. It is beauty.

Enough waxing poetic… let’s talk approach.

I decided that I would approach this campaign in two directions. One would see me in front of the camera in a lifestyle feeling image. I felt that this would satisfy the needs of LowePro to have their spokesman’s face on a few images to promote with. The second part would be the fashion shots.

LowePro Echelon

For the fashion images, I decided a tribute to the late 80’s black & white fashion would be cool, but wanted to add my own approach in making them a split color and kicking a couple more lights in than was normal. I wanted the emotion to be confident, but not cocky, and the styling to feel accomplished, but subdued to match the bag line.

I gave my good friends at Maurice Lacroix a phone call, and a day later we had their entire line on hand to grace the model’s wrists. Not to mention, it gave me a chance to wear the Gravity, a watch that I tried to buy and was not even able to get my hands on before it sold out!!!

LowePro Echelon

Next up I talked to Nikon to get some extra camera gear for the shoot, not only to shoot with, but to use in the images. We felt that when it came to true style, the Df fit the roll perfectly. Along with that, they sent me the D4s and the 58 f/1.4 (both of which I ended up buying after using on this shoot).


This campaign really means a lot to me, not only for the images, but for the experience. It was a celebration of what I am fortunate enough to do for a living, and along side me stood the friends that I stand next to in the biggest of shoots. I hope that you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.

Thank you.

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Sometimes the phone rings and the conversation that awaits you is not one that you could have ever expected… This was the case for me last May.

On the other end was the marketing director for LowePro. While I have talked with him many times, the conversation that awaited me was quite surreal. He said plane and simple, “we have made you a bag line.”

Now if he would have said that they made me a bag, I would have lost my mind at how cool that was, but a bag line!?!?!?  I think my only response was, “thank you, but I just don’t deserve this.” I feel that things like this, and some other endorsements, are at a constant battle in my mind telling me that I am much cooler than I am. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for it all, but damn, I have long since passed the point where thank you can say enough. No amount of gratitude that I can type about or express in person will ever describe how much you (my friends and family) and my sponsors mean to me…. A genuine and heartfelt THANK YOU.

Now onto the bag….. LINE (yes, even I chuckle inside when I think about it)

Now when I first thought of a bag line, I thought okay, maybe they have a couple of backpacks or roller bags that I need to take some photos with. This was not the case, far far far from it. On a conference call with the marketing and design teams, they described the ultimate bag. Now when I say ultimate, I mean, “hey, we spared NO expense and made a bag to show what a company can do when they want to show off.” For the car guys out there, here is the analogy that best describes it… Many car makers made a one of a kind car for the Geneva Auto Show as an example of what is possible. It is a car that will likely never be sold or driven on the road, but rather an exercise in art and design at its finest.

The phone call continued… the bag (which I already thought was the greatest photo bag ever) had some friends it wanted to bring to the party. One called the Attache and the other the Laptop, both of which were top of the line in ever single detail. Throughout the presentation one word was used more than any other… Luxury.

It was very obvious that what they were describing to me was a collection of bags that showed the essence of what a large company like LowePro could do if they so desired. The pieces were the strongest, most beautiful bags I had ever seen, and more importantly, they were understated. Even the logos on the outside of them had all color removed, as to not draw unwanted attention. After all, the truest form of luxury and accomplishment is not having to boast about it.

In the early stages it was questioned if the bags could even be produced en mass. We knew that the costs would put them very much at the all time top for camera bags, but that was less the issue, it was actually making them that would be tough. With hand stitched leather and a single piece tub, these bags would stretch the resources of even a company like LowePro.

Fast forward a couple months and the phone rang again. It was LowePro calling to tell me that my bag line had been produced. Due to the sheer costs and the level of the bags, only 400 had been made. To me, this was the rare chance to purchase the unicorn of the camera bag market. I was ecstatic when they told me that they were giving me a set. However, when it arrived last week, I immediately called them and purchased a second set, because damn are they incredible. I thought that in production there would be small little details lost from the prototypes I had, but this was not the case, they were and are the pinnacle of design for a camera bag.

So without further adieu, I present to you the greatest camera bags I have ever seen….. ECHELON

LowePro Echelon

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Shooting the Super Bowl Commercial

When I began photography as a career, I often wondered what it would be like to do certain kinds of campaigns. Of these, I did wonder what it would be like to shoot a Super Bowl commercial. I imagined crazy sets where people barked orders down the line of command and the photographer or director in the center of it all, only being bugged when it is of dire importance.

The idea of this was something that existed in my mind and may indeed exist in real life. However, the reality that hit me when I was awarded this campaign was that I could determine what a set for a Super Bowl commercial looked like. On my set, we would have fun, and my assistants would be just as important as I was. We (my client, my crew and I) would relax and trust that true art would result.

There will always be photographers that feel entitled to scream at everyone on their set, but it is up to us (the photogs reading this) to not be one of them. Instead, treat your crew and clients as friends, and you will find that at the end of the day you will be able to share a beer with your friends and forget about work.

So with that said, here is the behind the scenes video from a Super Bowl spot made by a bunch of friends….

I would like to thank Andrew Belcher for taking the time to create this. Great job man!

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The Super Bowl Commercial

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would begin 2015 shooting a Super Bowl commercial. Even further removed from the unlikeliness of shooting said commercial is … well… shooting said commercial in seven images. Not seven scenarios or seven videos, seven photos.

The idea, straight from the mind of Pete over at LaneTerralever, was to parallax a commercial. “What is parallax” you say? Think of when you were in grade school and you had to do one of those cheesy plays where every parent in the audience thinks that his or her child should be in search of a talent agency because they memorized 23 words and did not faint on stage. Sorry, got distracted there. Anyway, there is always a part in that play where some kid is on a boat made of a tricycle and cardboard, and they are in the rough ocean. In order to create this imaginary ocean in the elementary school cafeteria, they use whats called parallax. This is where they have on set of blue waves on a stick in front of the kid and one behind. The movement of these waves back and forth creates in your mind the idea of the ocean.

When broken down to its most basic form, we decided that we would create a Super Bowl spot using the cardboard waves on a stick principal. From there it gets exponentially more complicated.

Super Bowl parallax farmer

In order to captivate the viewer, the images had to be real, and they had to be very very very planned out. In order to have movement in an image where it never existed, we would need to plan space for the movement to enter and direction to make it natural. Also, we would have to shoot the shot, and then immediately document the reality that existed as we would need to create it and maintain its continuity to keep the viewer’s attention.

Super Bowl parallax scrap yard

The first thing that grabs the eye of the viewer in these shots would be depth, more specifically how three dimensional they feel. To help with this there was one lens that came to mind, the Nikkor 58 f/1.4. While many try to see it as a low light geared lens, it also has a little trick in it that makes it very desirable. It makes images feel 3-D.

Super Bowl parallax basketball

The next item of importance was the camera, the Nikon D4s. Now many of you probably know that my heart resides with the D3x, but for this project resolution was not the determining factor. After all 4k video is still only 8.8 megapixels. What mattered more to us was noise and high ISO performance as we would not be in a studio and environment would matter greatly.

Super Bowl parallax wine

Last, but not least, we would need lights that could be remote and enable us to shoot shallow, even in the day. Enter the Profoto B1’s. With the most recent firmware, they are able to shoot at any shutter speed. Proof of this rests in the above image of the man drinking wine. It was shot at 1/4000th of a second.

Super Bowl parallax instructor

With the gear of this shoot chosen specifically to produce the images, we started going to the businesses where the subjects worked and tried to quickly see what a day in their life felt like and create an image on the spot that would capture that, as well as captivate the audience. Some were easier than others. For example, ballet, which is an art form in itself, is very simple to create beauty from. However, shots like the farmer we worried would be more complicated. It was when we started meeting the individuals that would be featured in the images that we found the beauty of this commercial.

Super Bowl parallax ballet

What the technical side (the depth and movement into a frozen world) showed us was the beauty that existed in the moment. As one viewer told me, “it was as if the moment existed inside of my television for a split second.” As we shot more for the campaign, we learned and dialed in more in our approach. By the final image we were able to see the images that existed and how they would look and feel before we ever pressed the shutter.

As always, but more than ever, I want to thank the people that made this commercial possible and helped me as I tried to learn and dial in this approach.

Joe, Paul, Pete, Carolyn, Gary, Tena, Nick, Trevor, Andrew and Rob. I love you guys and am grateful to have stood beside you as we created this one.

Thank you.

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Pinterest… whatever that is

So it is a new year and a fresh start… on another social media outlet that I know nothing about.

We have spent the last 3 weeks shooting a Super Bowl commercial, only interrupted by a quick stay in the hospital when my temperature decided it wan’t to see what the 104’s were like. A side note on that… they suck. All the cool stories we heard as kids about severe hallucinations were bunk. I was hoping that being in such a dire state would have at least landed me the ability to see people that weren’t there in my hallucinations, but no, all I saw were a bunch of different colored spots flying around the room.

But back to the topic at hand, Pinterest. While on set, I have been in conversations on multiple occasions that were usually preceded with, “so on Pinterest I saw…” Which got me thinking, okay, maybe should I try this out. After all, my New Years resolution was to look at social media less.

Then came the fun moment of truth where I went to select my url for my Pinterest page, only to find out that “BlairBunting” had been taken. I will admit, I was a bit bummed, and figured it was someone with the same name that got there first….. nope. It was another photographer (not named Blair Bunting) in India that was trying to use my name…. AND IMAGES to get himself some work. As you can imagine, this didn’t settle well with me… I had two glasses of wine instead of the usual one. In all honesty, I had a really good laugh at the fact that someone felt I was cool enough to impersonate… Bucket list… check

After a quick call with the very nice people at Pinterest, they resolved things and got me my name for my url. (a hit tip to them) So now here I am, writing a blog about a Pinterest page that I have done nothing with, but will soon… while the new website is being finished 😉  (and that, my friends, is what they call a cliffhanger)

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The Idiot in the Elevator

The end of the year is always a mad rush to wrap campaigns and spend out remanning budgets which has left me little time to write lately, and for that I apologize. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many people that I can call friends as much as clients. It is a necessity in this career to enjoy working with those around you, not just for professionalism, but for sanity.

I spent last week in Denver with a group of people that made me feel as though I was on vacation. We laughed more than worked and somehow got the shots we needed without ever feeling like it was a job. It was a shoot that really made me appreciate the opportunities that this field has, whether that be experiences or conversations. Today’s short but hopefully enjoyable blog came from something that happened to me on the final morning in Denver…

(a quick warning… if by some chance you have read these blogs and view me as “cool,” today’s blog is not for you. It is an accurate portrayal of how socially awkward I can be, especially when I am wiped out from being on the road.)

So there I was, disheveled and running on autopilot. I had just gotten my order from the Starbucks in the hotel lobby where I was staying. Sadly, it wasn’t even that early, I was just mentally and physically wiped out from a photoshoot. Nonetheless, ham sandwich and chai latte in hand I was heading back to my room to eat and get ready for what the final day at the studio had to offer.

A quick aside to the guys reading this blog… by nature, we want to look cool when in front of the opposite sex. Whether it is dressed to the nines or casual but witty, I promise you that I represented neither of these options. My hair showed the world that I had slept well on one side of my head and the clothes I wore represented amongst the finest collection that I could find on the floor with my eyes barely open.

I pressed the up arrow on the elevator bank in the lobby and in due time my elevator arrived. I got in and pushed 10 and prepared for a casual private elevator ride to my room.

As the doors closed, out of no where a girl gets on the elevator. She was mid twenties and had a southern accent, and attractive. All I could think was, “shit, she probably thinks I’m homeless, perhaps my 8am wit will make her think I’m cool.” (please understand, I love my wife, I just hate people seeing how much I can look like a Walking Dead extra in the morning).

And then things went from bad to freaking catastrophe….

I asked her what floor she was on, for I was standing next to the buttons. She said, “9 please”. Any other time, I would have just thought, she said 9, I’ll hit the 9 button. However, this morning, I was not so competent, whether it was that I misheard her or that I couldn’t see strait, I hit 6…… f#^@ing 6!

And then it got worse…

I didn’t realize my stupidity until she said, “no, 9.” … Now at this point any sane person would hit the number 9 and apologize for the inconvenience. Not me. No this idiot tried to play it off with the smooth move of, ok, I’ll use my elbow as I have my breakfast and drink occupying my hands. Calmly I leaned over and hit floor number 9 with my elbow, and then the horror, I had hit 8 as well.

True panic overcame me as I realized my mistake and the fact that this kind soft spoken girl was going to be delayed by not one, but two floors because of some asshole. My mind when into disaster mode, what do I say? what do I say? what do I say…….. and then I said the only thing that came to mind.

“I’m married.”

What in green hell does that mean!?!?!!? It was the essence of all my social awkwardness in three beautiful syllables. Still, to this day I can’t even figure out the train of thought that my mind followed to come up with that one.

I thought of just getting off the elevator at the sixth floor and ending the nightmare early, but I took it like a man and stayed on. I didn’t make eye contact with her, but when the door opened for 6, I had a brief chuckle at my stupidity.

I hope you all enjoyed a good laugh at my expense, for I am the idiot in the elevator.

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In the Mo Bro Spotlight

If you have been participating in Movember, good news, there is only nine days that your soup straining, crumb catching porn stache has to reside on that precious real-estate known as your face.

This year I have been reluctant to post picture of the atrocity under my nose, it is just too bad. In 1970 this thing may have got me laid, but in modern days it should most likely get me arrested. Look at every news report of some creepy guy with yellow sunglasses and a predator mustache and I look like his twin. ugh.

Fortunately there is a bright side to this hideous facial hair, it and its cause Movember has led to many conversations this year with friends and strangers alike. From physical to mental health, I have had the good fortune to share stories and talk to people around the world that are going through the same journey.

However, the month is not done yet… Movember has taken notice and published an interview I did with them a few weeks ago. If you have a few minutes, head over to their site and have a read, maybe learn something about your’s truly.


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