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As you may remember in, in May I was supposed to go on a flight in an F16, however some scheduling conflicts arose and delayed the flight. But now the time has come and this has been ever apparent in the inability for me to get any sleep whatsoever. Counting sheep, wine, hot showers, Advil PM, Ambien….. none of them have the ability to get my mind off my upcoming frequent flyer miles.

One thing that has changed though is the amount of which you will get to watch me get tossed around and attempt to stay conscious only to wake up into some animated gif that people use to describe hilarious mishaps at another’s expense. From the training for the ejection seat to parachute lessons, g-suite fitting to me screaming like a little girl while breaking the sound barrier upside down, you will see it all. This Friday (and some of Thursday) I will be tweeting pics of the craziness, so feel free to chime in and ask questions at

In the meantime, please enjoy a video of a reporter getting some beauty sleep in the back of an F18, as I can only imagine my nap time is soon…