A while back I wrote a piece denouncing the internal bickering that was happening between brand loyalists from Canon, Nikon and Sony. It still remains harmful to the social fabric that holds our community together, and unfortunately it is also the catalyst for large amounts of clickbait, trolling and general nastiness. While I would give anything for certain photography websites to nip this in the bud for the sake of civility, that would hurt traffic and affect their bottom line, so the vitriol remains.

Enter The Photographers’ Tribune

When I first heard about the idea, I immediately fell in love. The site would let high end, full time working photographers talk about what they were photographing, how they were photographing it and what gear they were using. The stories were longer, with more substance and the titles were simple and non-sensationalized. Most of all, when I finished reading the article, my day wasn’t ruined by nasty comments from jealous keyboard warriors, for there were NO COMMENTS.

It was a philosophy I could get behind, one that was about educating the reader on the wonders of photography and inspiring them to go out and create. I immediately wrote an article about how to do a photoshoot with 1/2000th shutter sync, and the inspiration it took for me to think of the visuals behind the image. I continued to write and it felt freeing knowing that there might be students that learn from it, or even other pros that get excited about ways to apply it to other campaigns. 

The Photographers’ Tribune is a site that I hope takes off as we need to remember that we are family, no matter what gear we bring to set.