Few things in life relax me more than little bit of time spent next to a pool, surrounded by palm trees letting me know the breeze hasn’t left.  With that in mind I was more than happy to drive over to Palm Springs this last week and meet up with some friends to talk photography while enjoying the ambiance that this little desert oasis had to offer.

and then came the storm…..

Friday morning I sat at breakfast with Tim Griffith, Jeremy Goldberg, George Fulton, and Nels Isrealson.  A nice little table on the patio of the Viceroy, a good meal, and good friends.  Yes, we chatted some photography, but it was rather tertiary to the conversation as we preferred to share stories of mishaps, successes, and all the little nuances that made us all grateful that life had offered us this profession.  A couple hours had passes and the trees steadily became louder, shedding there leave more frequently as the winds arrived.  The breeze was strong, but welcome, as it brought the temperature in to the lower 70’s.  First it was 10 miles an hour, then 20, 30 and eventually hitting 60 in gusts as it began tearing apart the town.  Tiles fell from roofs, trees snapped, and dust choked anyone who dare brave a walk outside.  Of course being photographers we didn’t let this stop us as we saw the opportunity to photograph some chaos.

So at the expense of my lungs, please enjoy some images…