Project Cars

We all need hobbies, and as a professional photographer, photography should not be one of them.

Project Cars F1

Photography is a passion, it is my job, and I see it as something that I am either working or practicing. Bummed? Yes, but it is a token that must be paid in exchange for a career that means this much to me.

With that said, there is one hobby that I have always held a passion for ever since I saw Senna race through the streets of Phoenix while sitting on my Dad’s shoulders as a child. I love racing. More broadly put, I love driving. There is something relaxing about rounding a corner and bleeding in the throttle as your eyes look at the braking point of your next apex.…

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F-22 Raptor Photoshoot

Of the many planes I have been fortunate to see fly, none have confused me more than the F-22 Raptor. From the first time I watched it, to the most recent experience, my mind can’t comprehend what it is watching. Seeing a performance by one make you reconsider what you thought you knew about physics. It is as if the plane is mocking where the spectator’s mind thought it should go. It is for this reason that when given the opportunity to photograph one, I jumped out of my seat and flew directly to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.

F22 Raptor jet photographed by Blair Bunting

Now Raptors are usually a bit hard to get alone for a photoshoot as they are one of the planes that are quite hard to “button up” for a photo.…

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Meet the Family: Nikon’s Ambassadors

To be honest, I am still going through this career with a somewhat surreal feeling inside that I am walking in another person’s shoes. It’s fun, it’s stressful, but at the end of the day there is nothing I’d rather be doing… other than being a Ghostbuster.

Nikon Ambassadors

Last week I was in New York to meet with Nikon. It was not just a meeting, but the first “Ambassador Summit,” where those of us honored to call ourselves Ambassadors would gather and meet the rest of the family. I had no idea what to expect, and decided that I should do what I do best…. so I checked into the hotel and immediately went down to the lobby bar.

Fight it as much as we can, we photographers are a lot more alike than we think.…

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Formula 1 is upon us…

Days are all that separate us from those sweet sweet screaming cars known to the French as Formule Un.

Michael Schumacher

For me it means waking up at all odd hours of the night, only to watch a race that will most likely lead to my inability to return to bed upon its completion. But it is worth every bit of lost sleep, every nervous foot tap and every lap I walk around my living room waiting for the safety car to dive into the pits.

You see, while I enjoy going to a bar with friends to have a beer and watch a football game, I really don’t have an affinity to the sport. Perhaps it is why I can do my job without distraction.…

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The Blackberry Classic

I already know I am going to catch hell for writing this one. You see modern technology is no longer an area of acceptable opinion, it is now in the realms of politics and religion. Quite sad really.

Blackberry Classic

In the few days since I got the Blackberry Classic I have had many conversations that begin with the line, “why would you want to use a Blackberry when the iPhone is much superior?”

Here in lies the problem with modern web based journalism in the tech arena. It concludes that since it isn’t an iPhone or an Android, then it is a joke. This assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. It is like saying that if someone votes Democrat or Republican, then in turn they are a bad person, when it has nothing to do with the strength of their character. …

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Bb shoots… Fashion???

Like many, if not all, other photographers, I enjoy the the vast amount of avenues in our medium. Be it photojournalism, table top, macro, etc., I really appreciate what so many other photographers do, and celebrate their successes as much as my own. Unfortunately, I don’t get called to shoot these types of photography, because I haven’t shot them. Let’s be honest, it’s best to stick with someone who has a background in creating an image for the needed situation. But what happens when a client gives you carte blanche on a campaign…. and then asks you to star in it?

LowePro Echelon

This was the case for the LowePro Echelon photoshoot.

So what does a photographer, who is actually quite shy, do when faced with a campaign about himself?…

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Sometimes the phone rings and the conversation that awaits you is not one that you could have ever expected… This was the case for me last May.

LowePro Echelon

On the other end was the marketing director for LowePro. While I have talked with him many times, the conversation that awaited me was quite surreal. He said plane and simple, “we have made you a bag line.”

Now if he would have said that they made me a bag, I would have lost my mind at how cool that was, but a bag line!?!?!?  I think my only response was, “thank you, but I just don’t deserve this.” I feel that things like this, and some other endorsements, are at a constant battle in my mind telling me that I am much cooler than I am.…

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Shooting the Super Bowl Commercial

When I began photography as a career, I often wondered what it would be like to do certain kinds of campaigns. Of these, I did wonder what it would be like to shoot a Super Bowl commercial. I imagined crazy sets where people barked orders down the line of command and the photographer or director in the center of it all, only being bugged when it is of dire importance.

The idea of this was something that existed in my mind and may indeed exist in real life. However, the reality that hit me when I was awarded this campaign was that I could determine what a set for a Super Bowl commercial looked like. On my set, we would have fun, and my assistants would be just as important as I was.…

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The Super Bowl Commercial

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would begin 2015 shooting a Super Bowl commercial. Even further removed from the unlikeliness of shooting said commercial is … well… shooting said commercial in seven images. Not seven scenarios or seven videos, seven photos.

Super Bowl parallax farmer

The idea, straight from the mind of Pete over at LaneTerralever, was to parallax a commercial. “What is parallax” you say? Think of when you were in grade school and you had to do one of those cheesy plays where every parent in the audience thinks that his or her child should be in search of a talent agency because they memorized 23 words and did not faint on stage. Sorry, got distracted there. Anyway, there is always a part in that play where some kid is on a boat made of a tricycle and cardboard, and they are in the rough ocean.…

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Pinterest… whatever that is

So it is a new year and a fresh start… on another social media outlet that I know nothing about.

We have spent the last 3 weeks shooting a Super Bowl commercial, only interrupted by a quick stay in the hospital when my temperature decided it wan’t to see what the 104’s were like. A side note on that… they suck. All the cool stories we heard as kids about severe hallucinations were bunk. I was hoping that being in such a dire state would have at least landed me the ability to see people that weren’t there in my hallucinations, but no, all I saw were a bunch of different colored spots flying around the room.

But back to the topic at hand, Pinterest.…

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