First of all, to those that received today’s email campaign, let me send my sincerest apologies.  Your time is important, and none of you should have to deal with getting five of the same email over and over again.  Obviously, many of you are upset and annoyed, and you have every right to be, and for this I am deeply sorry.

I received a call about an hour ago from the company that handles (handled, as they have been dismissed) my emails saying that they had accidentally sent out my email multiple times to everyone on my mailing list.  During that call alone, the response from many AD’s, AB’s, and CD’s started pouring in.  As angry as I was with the company, I immediately got off the phone to start replying personally to every upset email.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell everyone on the list how sorry I am, for the last thing I want to do is send them one more email.

So, if you got the emails, please let me apologize again, and if you know someone that did, please let them know how sorry I am.


Blair Bunting