As you may have noticed it has been a short while since I last posted.

Two days ago my wife and I decided to go to the pound and rescue a puppy, and with that Riley Bunting (a 2 month old German Shepherd) entered our lives.  To say that this little guy is adorable would be a gross understatement.  Unfortunately, this means that I went a day without sleep and gave up working for the day to be with the pup.  Though stressful, trying to keep him out of things he aught not meddle with, it proved invaluable as he is already my best friend.

In the coming days I will ease back into work and blogging, but this weekend will hold lots of puppy time instore for me.  I am sure there will be a few pictures of Riley being posted soon too.

I have some new work as well that I will be debuting on the blog before the website as well, so stay tuned and have a great weekend!