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Can someone get the Rattlesnake off my back?
Whenever I talk to another photographer the topic of “personal work” always comes up. Usually in the casual form of, “hey, have you shot any personal work lately?”
As many of you know I am a bit of a Stuff You Know Addict. It is the podcast that plays in my headphones whenever I am sitting on a plane, and it is what I listen to when on a road trip to a shoot. Last Thursday was no exception as I headed out to Northern Arizona to shoot a series in a climate that doesn’t melt my camera.
Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari
UPDATE: I wanted to post this blog up to the top again not for the promotion of the work, but as a reminder that keep Michael in your thoughts. While there is progress being made, we are very aware of the severity of head injuries as seen in all too early passing of Jules Bianchi. For those that follow F1 and those that don’t, if anything, let it be a reminder to tell those around how much they mean to you.
Photographs that didn’t make the site part deux
Whole lot to catch up on…. well at least a few years worth of random photos that have no place to call home.  Over the next x months (x being a sign that my schedule let’s me plan life on a day by day basis) I will be uploading photos as much a possible.  Some with stories, some without, some that will make people unsubscribe to this blog, others that will make you want to unsubscribe to humanity. 
Photographs that didn’t make the site
Well as we all know, not everything fits a portfolio for an advertising photographer.  In the aim to deliver a style, some images may veer slightly off target, but still maintain artistic quality.  So with that I bring you some photographs that didn’t make the site.
A Morning with The Honorable
Casually beginning my Monday with a latte and Sunrise Earth on the TV, I received a call from the New York Times in regards to a photoshoot in the coming days.  As I have enjoyed working with them  in the past, I agreed and learned that the photograph would be of the Honorable Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. 
Existentialism Found
There is something to be said for escaping life (even if just for a day) and leaving the constant bombardment of reality for the surreal existence that comes into meditation somewhere after white.  Whether it biologically changes someone is beyond me, but the romance in the heart beating slower crosses my mind persistently.
24 Hours of Le Mans
This weekend brings with it one of the greatest races of the year… the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Even the idea of writing this blog is upsetting, but I guess there is some therapeutic purpose in this all, so here it goes…
Project Cars
We all need hobbies, and as a professional photographer, photography should not be one of them.
F-22 Raptor Photoshoot
Of the many planes I have been fortunate to see fly, none have confused me more than the F-22 Raptor.
Meet the Family: Nikon’s Ambassadors
To be honest, I am still going through this career with a somewhat surreal feeling inside that I am walking in another person’s shoes. It’s fun, it’s stressful, but at the end of the day there is nothing I’d rather be doing… other than being a Ghostbuster.
Formula 1 is upon us…
Days are all that separate us from those sweet sweet screaming cars known to the French as Formule Un.
The Blackberry Classic
I already know I am going to catch hell for writing this one. You see modern technology is no longer an area of acceptable opinion, it is now in the realms of politics and religion. Quite sad really.
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